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More Mask Silliness

By December 29, 2020Commentary

These charts really are amazing.  Look at Delaware and Pennsylvania, look at how closely cases track in each state, regardless of mask or other policy, look at how steeply they rose.  Almost like nothing makes a difference in transmission.  They will fall equally steeply.   (Twitter Link)   And Pennsylvania had the inanity of a mask mandate at home.  Made a lot of difference.

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  • KyleMNCD5 says:

    And now as I understand it, Minnesota announced that high school basketball and hockey players will have to play their GAMES wearing masks! I can’t even believe it. I don’t understand how those athletes will be able to get the oxygen they’ll need to compete while wearing those things.

    Saw someone on Twitter comment (aptly, in my opinion) something to the effect of: “what parents would let their kids participate under those conditions? That’s the point, I suppose”

    Some supporters of the IB and Jan Malcom keep saying “assume good intent!” but it’s just gotten harder and harder for me to do that

  • Douglas Kraus says:

    KyleMNCD5: Sounds very similar the loosening of dining restrictions to allow outdoor dining in December and January. Absolutely brilliant, make concessions that no one can use. Kevin always say IB = incompetent blowhard, I say ignorant child of an undetermined paternal lineage.

  • SteveD says:

    Although to be honest, I suspect that no one obeys the mandate to wear masks inside their home.

  • SteveD says:

    I originally thought that the non-effect of masks might be due to human behavior but I now suspect that this is because asymmetric spread is rare or non-existent. This would explain why laboratory tests consistently show that masks do work and RCT studies consistently show that they don’t. It makes no sense to wear a mask if you are not at least slightly sick but if you are sick, it makes a lot of sense. A study including only people with symptoms might show that masks can lower transmission.

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