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Help Minnesota’s Bars and Restaurants

By December 29, 2020Commentary

As those of you who live in this benighted state know, our pathetic Governor and even more pathetic and evil Attorney General are prosecuting bar and restaurant owners who disobey their unconstitutional and illegal orders to shut down.  I am making a very sizable donation to help protect these people and I would encourage anyone who can to also donate.  You can do that at the Upper Midwest Law Center (Link)  which is helping defend some of these businesses and there may be crowdfunding sites as well.  It is important to fight back against government actions which are not based at all on science or data and which are highly discriminatory, it addition to being purely dictatorial and authoritarian.

And I would point out that our racist Attorney General is spending his resources prosecuting these businesses while homicides, carjackings and other violent crime has reached record levels in the state, and he is doing nothing about that.  Let’s all remember that the next election.

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  • Matt R says:

    Owner of Haven’s out in Lynd’s defense fund is here: Ellison sought jail time for Larvita, a single mother of four to try and make her cave and make an example out of her. She continues to stay open, incurring $250 per day fines, and possible contempt of court ruling.

  • Matt R says: ReOpen coalition which is bringing attention to the few brave businesses that have been willing to buck the orders and stay open. Many if not all have been sued, had licenses revoked and face additional escalating actions from the AG and MDH. UMLC is also a great organization, and by all means I concur with you it is worthy of donations.

  • Caroline says:

    I sure wish I could afford to help out! I am in debt to the IRS because of a MNSure debacle in 2019, which I had requested an Appeal, and several letters and calls later, it is nearly 2021 and MNSure has never responded, and instead I have a $5600 tax bill. I sent them another letter Dec 8 but it came back last Saturday as undeliverable, yet it’s the same address I was given a year ago. I hate MNSure and I hate Minnesota.

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