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My Christmas Message

By December 24, 2020Commentary

I attempt to be straightforward, pretty blunt at times.  Here is my Christmas advice:  if you are a Minnesotan or a resident of any other state with similar stupid orders, ignore them.  At this point it should be obvious to everyone that there is no data or science behind them, quite the opposite.  Minnesota is a case in point.  We have had to endure every manner of inane policy, none of which make the slightest difference in spread.  Look at the recent case curve, and especially the recent hospitalization curve.  See any signs of mitigation there.  Fortunately these waves tend to be short and cases, especially active cases, are plummeting like the IB’s popularity among bar and restaurant owners.

So, do what you think best, but if you believe you are at some extreme risk of getting infected, right now that just isn’t so.  The can’t be even 5000 active cases across the entire state now, and probably more like a couple of thousand.  The number of deaths and no longer needing isolation today exceeds total cumulative cases even a week ago.  My advice is to enjoy your family and friends and disregard hysteria and fear-mongering.  Life is short and these moments don’t last forever.  And I hope everyone has learned to be far more distrusting and skeptical of government and so-called experts as a result of this absurd experiment in destroying society, especially childrens’ futures, and an economy with futile efforts to stop a relatively non-threatening pathogen. If there isn’t a serious reckoning for the experts and the political leaders responsible for this fiasco, we will have made a serious mistake.  And we must have laws that prevent dictatorships like every state has experienced to some extent in the last year.

So enjoy the holidays but make it your mission for the new year to create change so this can’t happen again.


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  • Douglas Kraus says:

    Merry Christmas, and thank you for your work on this virus for the last year.

    My only regret, is my inability to open eyes and minds closed by fear, with the evidence.

  • Kevin Rademacher says:

    Merry Christmas Kevin. I appreciate your honesty and straightforwardness. Trying to get accurate information is MN is virtually impossible since all of the news is either incomplete or flat out lies.. Sad, but true.

  • Dan says:

    Spot on…now if we could convince the stores carrying water for walz and the walking dead out there…..

  • Miike Timmer says:

    AMEN ! Merry Christmas to all.

  • Steve says:

    I’ve been echoing these comments since March. It’s a virus and there were simple things to do. If sick stay home and monitor progress for a couple days, if an old person be careful about going into crowded spaces and who didn’t know that a senior care facility is a breeding ground. One of the biggest problems is that people are pack animals. They fear running outside the pack. So, once Dr Fauci was permitted to scare people half to death they did what packs do; they tighten up and work to keep any strays from being taken. As my dear Maryland Governor says “Jst Wear the Damn Mask” and that’s what the sheeple do even though we know its folly.

    I have a mother-in-law in my home, bed ridden and in hospice care for the past 6 months (the end is near) People have been in and out every day to help us care for her. There are no masks worn in my home and everyone is fine, not even a cold. For those I know of who have had Covid, some over 80, everyone has recovered. I don’t know of one person who has died from covid.

    In the beginning I was skeptical. I know this virus was unleashed upon us by China because the President gave them a big smack down on trade. Isn’t it curious I thought that after a couple beat downs the virus shows up. I also thought the virus may have been engineered because of all the fear attached to it. Regardless, I resent being locked down. It doesn’t work, never will work and all that happened is the new world order crowd saw this as a time to take over. This is not a fight about the virus this is a fight for freedom.

  • “…if you are a Minnesotan or a resident of any other state with similar stupid orders, ignore them”. I live in Malta and I’ve been ignoring the rules ever since day 1. I’ve been fined, but i prefer fines over walking around with a mask on my face like a fool.

  • Harley says:

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for all your hard work and thoughtful, sensible comments. Never apologize for being blunt, especially when the truth is so obvious to anyone with their eyes open.

    Godspeed in 2021!

  • Cliff Hadley says:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Roche. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • DirtyJobsGuy says:

    As an employer of essential workers (electric power/energy), I keep close tabs on how soon we can get vaccines. The local hospitals here are struggling with vaccinations not because of shortages but because of overly prescriptive COVID precautions. Evidently if someone gets a reaction to the vaccine, even if mild, they have “COVID-19” symptoms and the whole shift must be isolated. So scheduling is a nightmare. We don’t seem to be able to get away from a command system for COVID. If it was just first come/first serve with a priority for old people this would go more smoothly. This is what Texas is doing right now except its over 65 plus anyone over 16 with a chronic condition. I’ve got one employee in Texas who has a significant chronic lung condition so this is perfect. Putting choice in individuals hands is almost always best.

  • David Krieg says:

    Succinct as usual, Kevin. Thank you for all of your research and the data you’ve shared with us. I feel the very same way – never let this happen again! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • Chet says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Kevin. Thanks for the excellent work you’ve been doing all these months to help keep us all informed.

  • Diana Roeder says:

    I’ve been reading your posts for the last few months, they’ve kept me sane (and entertained). Please keep up the good fight, you’re one of the few keeping us informed. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Doug Young says:

    Merry Christmas from sunny & locked down California Kevin. I appreciate all the hard work you’ve been doing this year and share your columns as far and as wide as I can. Hard to believe, but there are quite a few skeptics out here, too (& many of us are working on recalling our own tyrannical governor). I’ll be celebrating Christmas tonight w/my extended family and celebrating w/an ever larger crew on New Years Eve. May we start turning this all around in 2021!

  • Alex says:

    All the best.

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