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We Are All Going to End Up in the Same Place

By December 23, 2020Commentary

I think I may have made that point once or twice.  Regardless of mitigation attempts, countries are going to pretty much have similar population age, health status and maybe density adjusted outcome rates; the outcomes being death and hospitalizations, within a narrow band.   The other variable being geographic, and the accompanying seasonal effects.  Look at this chart and add up the total deaths.  Got off easy in first wave, not now.  Got whacked hard the first time, not so bad now.  In the really northern, thinly populated European countries, some other factor is at work, or the seasonal/geographic component never fits the niche CV-19 is so fond of.  The puny, pointless, futile human mitigation efforts are thrust aside by the power of nature’s tiniest entities.  (Twitter Link)

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  • Douglas Kraus says:

    Agreed. But will we as a human population hold the liars accountable, and maybe rebuild the press as an advocate for human rights rather than an arm of a political party?

  • Don says:

    Great work. I read your blog every day. Absent from this chart, though, are the Asian countries that have escaped unscathed. Taiwan I understand. It’s an island nation. But what about South Korea? We’re still searching for answers, but would love to theories that explain the disparity between Asia and Europe/North America.

  • Ron Sinclair says:

    Very interesting chart. However when I go back to the original source I see it has been taken down. Any idea why?

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