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$5000 Fines for Not Wearing Masks Will Keep Cases From Rising (details below)

By December 17, 2020Commentary

Rest of title sentence, “in a parallel universe far, far away.”  Chart below is self-explanatory.  But I will explain it some anyway.  Masks.  Don’t. Work. To. Stop. Community. Spread.  Period.  And I will have to guffaw loudly if I hear “but it could have been even worse”.  I don’t think on this kind of chart you can go past vertical.    Germany got kudos up the wazoo for their wonderful handling of the epidemic.  Man, one thing that is for sure, when this thing wants to go, it goes.   (Twitter Link)   Oh, and look, Denmark’s mask mandate is working well too.  Remember the Danish mask study that people derided.  If you want any further proof that that study was absolutely correct, look at the second chart below.  (Twitter Link)

And one more thing, California, with the most moronic lockdown measures of all, even on a population basis, has one of the worst case rises in the country.  When are people going to wake up and realize these measures don’t slow spread.


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  • Rob says:

    The charts show that masks exacerbate the spread rather than slow it.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    According to the tracking site, Cal’s 14-day increase is at 72.3%, with Tennessee second at 61%.

    Yesterday, Los Angeles County announced 22,422 new cases, blasting past the previous high in the 13k range. (Monday’s data was artificially low at 7k, because of a testing lab’s backlog, so yesterday probably reflected a data dump from that lab.) 22k represents about 10% of all the cases in the country coming from a single county–with 3% of the US population. The 7-day daily average is about 13k, but will go up if anything in the 20k range is echoed in the coming days. The county’s test-positivity rate is over 13%, and the city of L.A. has a positivity rate of almost 19%.

    Is L.A. getting the horrible media hate that South Dakota got?

    Nope. It’s pretty obvious why they aren’t, because there have been sort-of-heavy lock-downs*, the politicians are saying the “right” things about masks–there’s even a 10pm-5am curfew!–and the politicians have D’s after their names.

    * sort-of-heavy lock-downs:

    Open: malls
    Closed: gyms
    Open: govt offices
    Closed: churches
    Open: liquor stores
    Closed: hair salons
    Open: non-essential medical services
    Closed: almost all schools (about a million students in the Los Angeles area have not seen the inside of a school since March)
    Open: film and tv production
    Closed: construction sites

  • Ellen says:

    You guys, we know this is all political. Are states getting “big money” for the testing? I have observed the Constitution ignored, freedom of speech crushed, law enforcement lying. Masks = “Heil Hitler.” Some said it because they were believers, some just to get along, and others because of intimidation. Thinking the local county commissioners and mayors in FL who are mandating this stuff without fear of not getting elected… are part of the election fraud. After punch cards were abandoned in FL, computer voting devices were brought in that observably malfunctioned & were replaced; a friend & I experienced that. How long have elections been rigged? Parents, teachers, and students confronted the Pinellas County School Board begging that they remove the mask requirements for students, but they were ignored. (FL supervisors of election are not allowed to document citizenship of those registering. Our newer driver licenses have USA in the upper right corner; this doesn’t mean the holder is a US citizen, just that FL is in the USA.

  • Matt R says:

    Can’t remember if you ever covered the serological study out of Spain, and specifically if you had looked at mask & home isolation outcomes. Stumbled upon it on twitter, and its simply fascinating. The 95% CI for the “always wore a mask” (siempre) group was 3.5-4.1% positive rate; the “never” mask group (although very much smaller; 300 vs. 41,000) was 1.4-6.3%, with mean estimate of 3.0%; almost another 2 standard deviations below the always group’s mean (for a total of ~5 standard deviations apart) if I remember some of my stats basics correctly. Then in the section above that you actually find that those who only left their home for school or work and nothing else also had the highest attack rate. These type of stats would certainly prove inconvenient to the IB.

    Thanks as always for your tireless work, and I hope you have a most wonderful Christmas with family and friends!

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