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How the Heck Is Minnesota Counting Deaths?

By December 15, 2020Commentary

Here is a screen shot of information extracted from the Minnesota death certificate file by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.  This was apparently treated as a CV-19 death, since the positive test was noted in the contributing cause section of the death certificate.  The positive test was 90 days before the individual died.  Look at the history–this person had very serious congestive heart failure.  CV had nothing to do with the death.  How many deaths are being reported by the state that are like this?  Apparently the state is going back at least 90 days and calling any death with a positive test that far back a CV-19 death.  And I also wonder how many people with a supposedly positive PCR test that led to their death being attributed to CV-19 were either false positives or low positives.   And people wonder why I don’t trust a single word that comes out of their mouths.  What is going on?  We need a full chart review of alleged CV-19 deaths to identify which ones actually were in any way attributable to CV-19.

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  • Douglas Kraus says:

    There is no empirical truth anymore. Truth is whatever they tell us it is.

  • Matt says:

    At face value this is less than convincing. With your level of skill for research and facts please do more to prove this is real. A screenshot of an excel workbook that could come from anywhere. I would not be surprised at all when this is shown to be true but this would not hold up to any bit of scrutiny.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      This is directly from the report, available to the public for a small fee, from DOH on deaths in Minnesota. It is the official death certificate extraction.

  • The whole metric of using PCR testing has been exposed as literally worthless that makes every other metric downstream worthless. Here, the “deaths” themselves are a false metric given the liberal application of “with” instead of “directly from” the virus. But the test ITSELF — the PCR test — has now been called worthless by an expert on such testing who is generally recognized as such in Europe.

    Click on the English translation in the upper right for the details from this week. This makes the ENTIRE NARRATIVE a false one and should create a massive “pause” on everyone’s part. The PCR test has been played like Dominion voting machines and mail-in ballots…perhaps by the same people, no? Connect the dots and start fighting back.

  • Much of what I hear is the PCR amplification process (PCR is not a test) leads to over 90% false positive. Audio is avail of Fauci saying the chance of finding virus when sample is cycled over 35 times is minuscule. In the same audio he adds that what they find is not replication competent and it’s just dead nucleotide.
    Math time: current ‘death’ count is 301k so 301,000 – 90% = 30,000 301,000 – 95% = 15,000. so actual deaths from covid are 15,000 to 30,000!!!

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I don’t think it is that high. Low positives are more the issue, as they likely don’t reflect people who are infectious. Also don’t think that is the right math on deaths. I don’t think without chart reviews we will know how many people actually died because CV-19 played a significant clinical role in the death, but it is going to be more than 30,000.

  • Minnesota Natural Medicine says:

    Yes, perhaps more than 30,000, but to use an evil phrase, “What difference does it make?” Perhaps 50,000 to be generous. But a detailed analysis of actual cause of death without the politicization, dry-labbing of death certificates, and downright fraud on the part of MCOs, I would make a healthy bet that it is not any more than that. So much of even the DETECTION of cases in the hospital who might die of “associated” causes such as congestive heart failure, end-stage COPD, overall inanition, etc., is likely a phony number. THAT most assuredly is the scandal. Again, PCR = Dominion voting machines. We have been played both ways.

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