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The Video of the Presentation is Here!!

By December 13, 2020July 19th, 2021Commentary

For all those of you who just couldn’t wait to hear my dulcet tones narrating a long, boring presentation on the epidemic, here at last is the video. Many, many thanks to the Edina Morningside Rotary Club for recording this and for putting it up.  I really appreciate it.  And I welcome any thoughts or comments on improving the content.  If you enjoy it, I encourage you to share the link far and wide, maybe we can make this go viral, pun intended.  Seriously please share this wherever you can.

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  • Ellen says:

    I appreciate your video presentation. It was also nice to know how to pronounce your name. Here is a video posted from Brighteon on Joseph Mercola’s site. Everyone has seemed crazy in all this real-life too-long episode of the Twilight Zone. Dr. Roger Hodkinson is a voice of sanity. He’s one of Canada’s top pathologists and an expert in virology, the COVID-19 pandemic is the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public”

  • dell says:

    Covers a lot!

    Disease Fighting cells: B-cells & T-cells at 16:00 – 17:30 min.

    Pandemic starts at 20:45 min
    When Ends: influenza / Covid 21:45 – 22:15 min
    Covid Spread: 26:00 – 30:00 min
    Slowing & Immunity: 31:00 min
    Vs Flu: 32:00
    Political Response: 38:15
    More Information Issues: 41:00
    Unintended consequences, children 45:00
    Minnesota testing 47:00 – 49:00
    Hospitalizations / deaths : 49:30

    Flu / school closing: 51:15
    1-person Rule: 52:30 -54:15

    Immunity U.S. / MN: 55:15 (~35% immune in MN, 25%-30% already infected)
    A More Normal Approach: 59:00


    59:40 average disease sequence
    MN Hospitalizations by Age: 1:00:30, 1:01:30
    * MN Deaths: 1:01:05, 1:02:10 (MN median 85 years old),
    Case Rates By Age: 1:02:45
    MN New Cases: 1:05:00, 1:06:20 MN now past peak, late October.
    Unwarranted Excess Deaths: 1:07:15

    Masks: 1:09:20, no / little population affect, possibly some individual with high quality mask
    MN: 1:11:00, no effect; distance is important
    Pandemic History & Covid-19: 1:24:45 – 1:26:20, mitigation efforts have little / no real impact.

  • Mike Cusick says:

    This is the most clear, even-handed summary of facts, options, and implications regarding COVID that I’ve seen to date. It cuts through all of the garbage and quackery that’s been circulating in the media for the past year. It’s also helpful that it’s free of politics and mudslinging. As we used to say at my old employer UHG: “In God we trust, all others have to bring actual data”.

  • Cliff Hadley says:

    You do facts, while the media, public officials, and health experts do emotion and flim-flam. Thanks so much!

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