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Lies and Messaging

By December 13, 2020Commentary

I have avoided listening to a lot of the recent briefings, largely because the Incompetent Buffoon is present at most of them and I can only take so much of that.  This is the epitome of the worst of what our governments have evolved into–lying, hiding relevant data, and constant messaging to justify bad decisions and the terrible consequences of those decisions.   Friday’s briefing was typical, but the themes and messaging were similar over the last week and a half.   People should understand that the IB and his staff literally sit around every day and the main thing on their minds is not what is the data and science are telling them, because frankly they appear incapable of gathering and assessing relevant data and keeping up with current research, but how to cover up what is really happening, how to hide or obfuscate useful data, and how to scare people into believing things are worse than they are so that they think the continued state of emergency is necessary.  Their biggest fear is that people see or hear a different perspective; that people begin to think for themselves and ask serious questions about whether the responses have been necessary or appropriate.  And God knows, they don’t have to worry about the media ever playing that role, so it will have to come from elsewhere.

Here is a big lie they constantly tell, at every briefing, or it is a reflection that these people just don’t understand basic, basic concepts.  They are trying to tell us that we could see the impact of Thanksgiving get-togethers for as long as four weeks.  They say all the time that it takes four weeks to see the effect of a mitigation action on cases.  The incubation period is the time between exposure to a pathogen and the appearance of symptoms.  No one anywhere in the world things the incubation period for CV-19 is 28 days.  No one.  It is not even a week.  For the majority of people it is within five days.  So for them to continually lie about this is unconscionable.   If an action reduces exposures, we would see the effect within a week at the latest, and the maximal effect within two weeks.  And if we were going to see a case bump, we would have seen it by a week after Thanksgiving.  Why do they tell this lie?  Because it allows them to claim that their completely inept responses caused the case reduction.  Those responses had no effect.  The cases, as my analysis and others have shown, had already turned around before any new orders were issued.  The epidemic followed its own course, regardless of government or other actions, as we have seen in state after state and country after country.

The other big lie is that while professing so much concern for the effect on the businesses that they have shuttered and ruined, the real issue the business owners have is with the fact that there is absolutely no data or science behind the selective shutting of certain types of businesses or banning certain kinds of activities.  The state, as it has in every other area, has been completely incompetent in designing and executing the so-called contact tracing program, which is supposed to identify how and where people became exposed, and who they in turn may have exposed.  The state can’t even identify where half the cases come from and there is no reason why we would trust their attribution of a case to any particular exposure given the level of incompetence displayed.  If you are a gym, why wouldn’t you be outraged when you are shut down with zero evidence that you disproportionately contribute to spread.  If you are a bar or restaurant, why wouldn’t you feel unfairly maligned, when there is no evidence that you are responsible for significant transmission.  The truth, which the state takes great pains to hide, is that they are clueless on spread.  But the IB has to look like he is doing something so he picks on the easy targets.  God knows he doesn’t want to go after the big box retailers or others, although I have been in lots of very crowded stores over the last few weeks which would appear to me to be much more likely places for spread.  But the deal he has with them is that their executives will talk about how wonderful and balanced his response has been and they will contribute to his campaign as long as he lets them stay open.  And collectively they contribute a lot more than the bar and restaurant and gym owners, so as usual, money talks.

The rest of the briefings are the usual messages, how we are all in this together, we need to look out for our neighbors, he is so balanced in his actions, but it is still very dangerous.  All lies, especially the all in this together and balance part.  Look at the actions–all that matters is whatever he thinks will reduce CV-19 cases and deaths, no matter the other costs.  And because he is incompetent, he can’t even do that right.  There is a complete inability to acknowledge the reality that this virus pretty much spreads as it sees fit, and fortunately burns out pretty quickly and it isn’t very lethal.  But instead of accepting and adapting to this reality, we get orders that create worse consequences for the population as a whole.

The IB has a great knack for coming up with completely inapt analogies.  This time it was a tornado, only we can’t see CV-19 like we see a tornado.  I have no idea what the point of that is.  But the tornado in Minnesota has been the Governor himself.  He and he alone can take responsibility for the enormous damage he hath wrought while having no effect on the toll and impact of the epidemic.  Think about this.  Look at Sweden and Florida.  Same epidemic toll, far less damage in every respect–economic, overall public health, social, educational, mental health.  He and he alone, because he has chosen to be a dictator, and that was his choice, this wasn’t thrust upon him, is responsible.  And the toll includes deaths, despair, ruined lives that have nothing to do with CV-19 and everything to do with his actions.

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  • Ellen says:

    So many important voices are not being heard, and the insanity continues. Dr. Peter Breggin, famous for providing expert testimony in cases involving big pharma, warns this may be taken down before people see it. It’s his interview of Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH. He’s “a world expert and leader on the Early Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19.” You won’t be sorry for taking the time to hear him. Dr. Breggin urges, “I believe Dr. McCullough’s words should be spread around the world for everyone to read and to put into practice.”

  • Dan says:

    So spot on…but the IB loves to pick on the vulnerable and weak…he is an abortion zealot and now turned his evil sights on the elderly…

  • Ganderson says:

    Kevin- you are 100% correct, but a huge % of the American public is not buying your argument. They believe in the panic. And, if the news media wouldn’t amplify the messages coming out of your governor’s office ( and mine, too) people wouldn’t believe. I don’t see any of this ending before next fall.

  • Debbie says:

    BRAVO! I’m clapping, can you hear me?

    I just read yet another article saying this hysteria and mask wearing may linger on well past vaccinations. ugh. I am so exhausted by it all…i wonder what’s it’s going to take to stop the madness.

  • Harley says:

    Remember that Commissioner Grove was at Google News before he joined the Walz campaign and then hired as head of DEED. Trained in using the power of social media to manipulate public opinion. I would suspect he is part of the IB’s inner circle, working daily on making MDH and the IB appear thoughtful and smart while continuing their false narrative and adversely impacting the general public. He is certainly not an effective advocate of economic development or employment, as inferred by his title.

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