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Updated Age Structure Charts

By December 12, 2020Commentary

Thanks again to DD for the work on this.  When I see people missing health care, not being with friends and families, children not getting a real education, the main thing that frustrates me is the manner in which the general population has been misled, indeed terrorized, about the risk of serious illness and death.  These charts, on both a case rate and a population basis couldn’t show more clearly how little risk there is to the general population.  Far less risk than from many other diseases and causes.  And keep in mind that in Minnesota, two-thirds of deaths continue to come from the LTC setting.

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  • Darin Kragenbring says:

    I have been struck by two things during the pandemic. First, how so few people seem to take the time to look at these types of statistics. Second, how much easier it is for some people to use anecdotal evidence to assess the risks of COVID. Psychologically, neither should be surprising; however, I thought at some point the damage being caused by our response to the pandemic would be great enough to prompt people to more deeply examine what is happening. Alas, I continue to be naively mistaken.

  • David Hackett Souter says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe thus far the US government has accrued about $3.6 trillion in debt directly because of the response to COVID-19.

    Let’s be optimistic and say that 400,000 lives were saved with suppression mitigation and that each life saved resulted in 1.5 additional years lived.

    That means each year saved cost future taxpayers about $6 million. More debt will be accrued and this doesn’t factor in any of the state debt and all the personal and local problems the pandemic has caused.

    Has there been a worse and more ineffective investment ever? Each time someone says “we are all in this together” anyone under 45 of literally getting their future life destroyed, yet they are too scared and naive to know it.

  • Alex says:

    I think i need crazy Flintstone pills.

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