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Kansas Has a Knack for Prevarication

By November 30, 2020Commentary

Researchers from Kansas have distinguished themselves during the epidemic, which is hard to do, by their completely dishonest research on masks.  I reported last week on the blatantly wrong and misleading study published by the CDC from Kansas on the supposed difference in case growth in counties in the state with and without mask mandates, but the study ended in July.  This study was the only pathetic weapon that CDC had in its armament to throw out there after the massive hit taken from the Danish mask study.  Covid Clarity on twitter has demolished this study, but here from another twitter source is a chart which brings the comparison up to date.  Hmmm, as usual looks like pro-mask researchers just lie and manipulate data and the real facts aren’t too favorable.    Counties with mask mandates have experienced case growth over twice that of counties without a mandate.

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