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I Tell You Again, Tell the IB to Buzz Off and Have Your Thanksgiving Celebration

By November 25, 2020Commentary

The Governor’s order purporting to tell Minnesotans that they cannot have social gatherings in their own homes is blatantly unconstitutional.  It is rank fascism and totalitarianism.  It is far past time for the legislature or the judiciary to rein this completely buffoonish and incompetent coward in.  He can’t face the hard decisions or show even the slightest bit of balance or patience.  If his own “experts” knew how to properly analyze data they would have told him that the case surge was plateauing even as he was contemplating his idiotic and destructive order.  But no, he panics because once again we are seeing a myriad of deaths in long-term care facilities, where his equally moronic battle plan sinks like the Titanic, taking a boatload of nursing home residents with it.

Here is how bad it is here in Minnesota.  The New York Times, of all the rankly hysterical epidemic hucksters, has even taken notice of the lunacy here in Minnesota.  Here are the quotes:

“Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota on Wednesday took the extraordinary step of banning people from different households from meeting indoors or outdoors, even though evidence has consistently shown the outdoors to be relatively safe.  But the executive order allows places of worship, funeral homes and wedding venues — while they are encouraged to hold virtual events — to host as many as 250 people indoors.

These recommendations are unscientific and “bizarre,” said Ashleigh Tuite, an infectious disease modeler at the University of Toronto.”   (NYTimes Story)

What!!  How can that be?  The Incompetent Blowhard tells us all the time how he is driven by the science and data.  When the New York Times calls you out, you are in big trouble.  My God, the next thing you know the Star Tribune might actually decide to publish my editorial or something else actually questioning the wisdom and competence of our fearful leader’s epidemic decrees.

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving.  Have as many people as you want at your house.  If the New York Times says its okay, you are good by me.  Seriously, enjoy yourself, forget this nonsense for a few hours.  And then next week, call your state legislators and tell them that enough is enough.  It is time to return to a real democracy and let the IB go back and sulk in his basement, while the rest of the state attempts to have a somewhat normal and sane life.


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