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By November 22, 2020November 23rd, 2020Commentary

I know I am technologically inept.  Update, I am definitely technologically inept, apparently I failed to make sure my mic was on.  Will re-tape shortly and hopefully there will be one.   I do, thanks to the people who create the website (who are fantastic by the way if you are ever looking for web developers, they are tremendous), know how to do podcasts.  I have trouble finding time to do everything I would like to do on CV-19, but I am going to try to do an occasional podcast.  I did one this morning, may do another one!!   You can subscribe to podcasts by a button on the home page of the site.  You can also subscribe to the blog and get posts pushed to you by using another area below the podcast subscription one.  And again, thanks to the web people, the posts are pushed to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  People have asked about Parler and I set up an account there but they don’t yet have a mechanism for automatic posting so I have to take posts over there every time.  We will see if I get around to that.  Anyway, for those people who have a yearning to hear my dulcet tones imparting boring information, you can now do so.  And I will try to do it at least once or twice a week, maybe more frequently.  And as always I welcome feedback on how I can make the blog better or the podcasts.  And I know I have a terrible voice, and am not an intuitive recorder, lots of stops and starts, but I will try to get better about that.

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