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A Head Full of Coronavirus Research, Part 63

By November 20, 2020Commentary

Okay, want to start with just a brief commentary.  My Danish Mask Study post is being blocked by Facebook from being shared and labeled with a sticker that says an independent fact checker has determined it is false.  They are doing the same thing to very pre-eminent scientists who are posting on the study.  I don’t pay any attention to Facebook, have never used it and only post on it because I was told that a lot of people access information that way.  I believe it has become a fundamentally evil company, allowing ideologically driven “fact checkers” who wouldn’t know a fact from a hole in the wall, or the big empty space in their craniums, to determine what people get to see.  I don’t know how to address this but I will try.  I suspect that as the blog gets more popular there will be more and more attempts to censor it by those who believe it threatens the orthodox view.  I fully support completely tearing these social media companies apart to end their domination of thought and discourse and they should be completely liable for their censorship decisions.  Anyone who has any experience fighting with Facebook, appreciate any tips.  It would be fine apparently, if I was just arguing that Trump voters should be put in re-education camps or in front of firing squads.  That passes muster with our social media masters.

More on this in a post tomorrow, because our woeful Governor made it the centerpiece of a highly ironic briefing today, but Japan is reporting that suicides in the country related to epidemic stress have risen dramatically and in October alone exceeded all deaths from CV-19.  (Japan Story)   Over 2100 suicides occurred in October, up over 40% from the prior year.  Women were particularly affected, with suicides up over 80% as they cope with disproportionate job losses and more stress at home.

Another study from Japan identified very substantial reductions, well over 50% in most cases in surgeries during the spring wave of the epidemic in the country.  Most appear to have been “elective” and not critical, but patients may have a different perspective.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And speaking of the costs of the responses to the epidemic, here is another report from the American Institute for Economic Research, outlining the impacts across a wide variety of areas and providing supporting research cites.  (AEIR Report)

Another health executive will undoubtedly be getting pilloried by the dictators of appropriate opinion as the Chief Executive of Sanford Health in South Dakota notes that he thinks masks are empty gestures and says that the health system in South Dakota is handling the case surge just fine.  (SD Story)   Someone apparently forgot to tell him the party line is spread panic at every opportunity about hospitalizations.  In addition, he had a mild case of CV-19 himself and apparently is being heretical when he says he is immune to further infection and doesn’t need a mask.  We are in big trouble with vaccines if being infected with the actual bug doesn’t create immunity, and of course, as readers know, there is every indication that those infected develop a robust and lasting adaptive immune study.

And right on time, another study finding that CV-19 antibodies are associated with protection against reinfection.  (Medrxiv Paper)  The study is based on a long-term followup of a large number of health care workers at Oxford College in England.   The workers were tested initially for antibody status.  Those who were positive had four instances of infection, all asymptomatic, during the remainder of the followup period, compared to 165 infections in the seronegative group.  Two of the apparent cases of infection in the antibody group appear to be due to faulty antibody tests and a third appears to be the result of a bad PCR test.

Why is CV-19 so transmissible and infectious?  Could be that only a low viral dose is needed, but also may be due to some of how it interacts with human cells, particularly in the respiratory tract.  This paper looked at that interaction.  (Medrxiv Paper)  The receptor for CV-19 is called ACE2.  The virus has the ability to down-regulate the activity of that receptor and also appears able to down-regulate interferons, which are a biochemical used by the immune system to help fight pathogens.

And yet another paper showing that the adaptive immune response extends for at least 6 months.  (SSRN Paper)   The study comes from Korea and involved 97 recovered patients.  Patients who had pneumonia in the course of the disease had higher antibody levels.  Most patients also had a significant T cell response.

This is a very important paper on adaptive immunity.  The research is just piling up and piling up about the long-lasting and strong adaptive immune response to CV-19, just as the Sanford Health CEO suggested.  Here is one more paper, at least the 6th this week alone.  (Medrxiv Paper)   These researchers focussed on memory B cells, which prompt antibody production upon attempted reinfection by a pathogen.  Stop worrying about waning antibodies circulating in the blood, what counts is B cells capable of recognizing or being signaled when a reinfection is attempted.  The authors found that these B cells were functional in large numbers for at least 8 months after the initial infection.  In addition, helper T cells were also present over this time period.  The lowering of circulating antibodies doesn’t mean anything, the body simply isn’t going to waste energy maintaining antibodies that don’t appear to be immediately needed.

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  • Douglas Kraus says:

    All this sciencentific evidence doesn’t seem compatible with the “science” of governors. Must fsulty evidence, governors are always right. (Sarc in case it wasn’t obvious).

  • Douglas Kraus says:

    The fact checking thing is Orwellian. I cannot believe where we are one the thought control spectrum. Stunned!

  • Mike says:

    This article expands on the paragraph in your post noted below:

    “Why is CV-19 so transmissible and infectious? Could be that only a low viral dose is needed, but also may be due to some of how it interacts with human cells, particularly in the respiratory tract. This paper looked at that interaction. (Medrxiv Paper) The receptor for CV-19 is called ACE2. The virus has the ability to down-regulate the activity of that receptor and also appears able to down-regulate interferons, which are a biochemical used by the immune system to help fight pathogens”

  • Bob Easton says:

    re: fact checking and deplatforming…

    Some conservative blogs are being deplatformed from (the hosting service, NOT the base software). I can’t tell where your blog is actually hosted because “cloudfare” is answered when I try to check. IF indeed on, beware.

    In any case, if they come for you, let me know. I can help get you moved to a safer place.
    In the interim, if you would like to learn how to protect what you have (so it can be easily moved) let me know.

  • Ellen says:

    Why is CV-19 so transmissible and infectious? — IS IT INFECTIOUS? Doesn’t that mean a huuge number of people are sick with it? We don’t even know that when people are sick and bogus PCR test positive for it, that CV-19 is the virus bringing them under the weather. Right? How do they know? Infectious means makes people SICK. I’ve had plenty of colds in my life, and nobody was tracing or TRYING or PRETENDING to trace which colds we had each season.

  • Caroline says:

    I am getting sick and tired of reading articles “pleading” everyone to wear a mask. I am out daily on my job and in months I have not seen anyone maskless in stores.

  • Dan says:

    I can see the post and can’t find anything actually blocked compared to your blog. It does say the study is false based on fact-checks but anyone that trusts FB to fact-check is to stupid to understand your post anyway.

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