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Long-Term Care Deaths

By November 18, 2020Commentary

This isn’t exclusively a Minnesota problem, although Minnesota appears to have one of the highest percents of all CV-19 deaths occurring among LTC residents.  This chart gives data for all states.  The comparison isn’t completely accurate because different states vary in how they are reporting (the LSOS Governor of NY for example, still refuses to tell people how many LTC residents his policies killed) and without knowing the effect of advance directives, you don’t really know how to compare states.  But what it does show is that a lot of the deaths nationally are occurring in this population.


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  • Rob says:

    Great chart!

    Northern states had the worst LTC death rates, Wisconsin being an exception. Not surprising when you consider the northern states were hit first and therefore made mistakes that the subsequent states could learn from.

    Would really love to know the best and worst performing LTCs. My guess is the worst performers are the ones with a lopsided revenue stream coming from Medicare/Medicaid. Which is probably why the states are not very forthcoming with complete data.

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