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A Canadian Physician Steps Out of Line

By November 18, 2020Commentary

Lest you think the medical community is in lockstep on lockdowns, or even masks or excessive testing, here is part of a rant from a doctor in Canada who appears pretty well-qualified to rant.

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  • Harley says:

    Courageous comments. But why is this such a minority viewpoint? How are so many US doctors and health professionals under a Covid-19 spell? Who is controlling what they think, and how?

  • Alex says:

    Of course the youtube video was removed.

    Snippets of what the clueless clowns are saying:

    1) CTV news anchor: Things get back to normal in October of 2021.
    2) Justin ‘What, me PM?’ Trudeau, vaccine is a relief and sees an end in the spring.
    3) Quebec Premier – who is bitterly disappointing – says summer of 2021 we get ‘almost normal’. But no promises!

    They can’t even get their script straight. Meanwhile, the morale of society is dropping like an anvil on Wile E. Coyote’s head.

    I’ve no more words.

  • Ganderson says:

    With the supposed introduction of the vaccine the goalposts are being moved yet again. We are in, what, our eighth month of “two weeks to flatten the curve”? Just got an email from UMASS hockey that Maine has pulled the plug on the two games vs UMASS that were supposed to have been played up there this weekend. The Minutemen picked up two vs UCONN, but I’m guessing Hockey East cancels its season by Christmas. Union College just cancelled their winter sports, leaving only 5 ECAC hockey teams left playing. Dunno how they put a schedule together with 5 teams. And, my prediction is that Obergruppenführer Baker is going to order Massachusetts locked down again on Friday. He’s already given us our instructions for Thanksgiving…

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