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How to Report Hospitalizations in a More Transparent Manner

By November 12, 2020Commentary

Here is a screenshot of North Dakota’s hospitalization reporting.  Note the sub-category of people who went into a hospital for a reason other than CV-19 and tested positive in the hospital.  This would include some subset who actually acquired the infection in the hospital.  Now note that if you do the math, it is 36% of all hospitalizations.  This is consistent with other research.  Gives you a different perspective.  Minnesota has this information, why isn’t it reported?  In fact why don’t we insist that it be reported everywhere.  And this ties into the PCR testing issues, because financial incentives lead hospitals to use very low positivity thresholds.  Those thresholds should be disclosed as well.  So much for the IB’s constant boasting about how transparent Minnesota’s data is.  One other thing to consider is that for these people who were tested in the hospital, most were likely asymptomatic.

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  • SteveD says:

    To determine if the the pandemic is getting better or worse, you need to measure disease severity not hospitalizations. The severity of COVID19 hospitalizations likely changes over time.

  • Craig N says:

    Here in NE Wisconsin, was finally revealed that 85% of ICU beds not filled with Covid patients. But if they hadn’t said that, one would be lead to believe that all those beds were covid related.

    Wonder, like in MN, how many of the other beds are from other maladies?

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