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The Lowbrow Crowd Arrives

By November 7, 2020Commentary

Anyone who reads this blog for any length of time knows that it is almost exclusively science and data oriented.  I try to avoid politics and the comments I make about politicians are related to the decisions they have made in regard to the epidemic.  Because of some of my conclusions, I tend to get picked up more by what are considered to be conservative outlets than those reflecting other viewpoints.  It isn’t because I haven’t tried to present the same information to everyone.  I originally worked very hard to get a response from both the Governor and the Commissioner of Health to my perspective.  The only group I got any response from was a member of the modeling team.  Since I was unable to provide what I considered appropriate input in that manner, I began running ads and writing the blog.  Whoever passes on and uses this information, I am grateful to, regardless of their politics.

I fully expected that eventually the uninformed mob who use social media and other tools to basically name call would show up and you may have noticed in the comments today that some did.  I assume that someone picked up a link to the blog from somewhere and alerted their intellectually challenged compatriots.

In any event, I welcome comments in general, I am okay with some venting, I do it myself occasionally in the commentary, and I really appreciate the many readers who have either corrected or supplemented something I have written, who have provided me with their own data analysis and otherwise really added to the value of the blog.

What I don’t appreciate and won’t tolerate is people who are incapable of anything other than boorish insults and puerile stereotyping.  These people have never read one study, never looked at one piece of data, and don’t have any real interest in digesting and thinking about what I write.  Any comments like that will be immediately trashed and the writer not permitted to comment again.  I don’t mind disagreement, in fact I would welcome a reasoned discussion with other viewpoints, but incivility based on uninformed emotional responses is already commonplace in our public life and it can find another forum than this one.

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  • Doug Young says:

    “Billy” stood up for you nicely. Yep, those responders had all the tropes of the now classic Team Hysteria mindset. All of a sudden, because of a super-virus, we are all walking disease-ridden biological timebombs, ready to infect the nearest innocent. They demanded that you use data (which you have been for ~ 8 months, masterfully), while presenting none of their own, other than “Trump supporters are infecting schoolchildren” etc. This is what we get when our mainstream media delivers only one narrative.

  • Jim Edholm says:

    Thank you for what you do, say and provide. The amount of stupidity about this illness is overwhelming. Yesterday I was doing my daily walk – maskless as always. I was coming up the street on a sidewalk. Coming the other way was a woman, wearing a mask, walking in the street on the opposite side from me … 40-50 feet away. Behind me I heard a small landscape vehicle coming up behind me, on my side of the street, driven by a maskless worker. The woman left the road and walked ten feet into a driveway. I thought it was her home, but no … as soon as I and the landscape truck passed her, she came back out to finish her masked walk. The level of fear instilled in that stupid woman made me angry. Angry that we have allowed ourselves to be panicked into such an over-reaction about what is, at its heart, a not awful disease. What’s happening to us? Sad.

  • Chris W says:

    Thanks for your work, Kevin, and for not letting the “neighborhood” here get ruined. Your work is excellent! I appreciate the sanity, logic, and community here, and the fact that your blog is uncensored by big tech has been a blessing.

  • Chuck says:

    I have questioned many things Kevin has posted over time. He responds with private emails usually within 5 minutes. If the “Sara’s” would spend a few hours reading, they might learn a few things. In fact go read his posts from 2019, this blog is not new to the Covid era.

  • Alex says:

    Damn. I missed their comments.

    It’s all appeals to authority and emotions it seems. How dare you have an opinion and question public health officials and Dr. Fauci. And maybe even the grotesque Ezekiel Emmanuel if Biden gets his way.

    I always enjoy the Pitch Fork Brigade coming in with their tiresome anti-human and anti-science tropes and stupidity. Anyone who says ‘mask up’ is not a free standing critical thinker. They just take their orders and elevate themselves into a false virtuous posture. Don’t you know, Kevin? You want granny to die. You think one death is too many. The on thing that I find astonishingly appalling is they refute the notion of considering trade-offs (because granny) but don’t realize their position IS a trade-off. They just haven’t come around to grasping it.

    In any event, a new example of how Stockholm Syndrome has poisoned minds is with the kids. My wife was talking to a friend and they got to talking about Covid in schools. She acknowledged kids are safe (Yay! It took them three months to realize it but I’ll take it) but she was worried they can spread it (Boo! Will they realize in another three months they’re not vectors of the disease?).

    Yes. Her hubby accused me of not following the science when I mentioned studies clearly stating we should leave the damn kids alone. I triggered him when I said by open I meant OPEN. No masks. No cancelling of activities. No stupid bubbles. No eating in class like caged animals. OPEN. My family has been in education for decades and so we’re not flippant in our positions and have done our readings into the matter and concluded the kids are alright and that if we do whatever it is this psychos are accepting in the teacher’s unions, would have grave negative consequences. Clearly people aren’t grasping this yet.

    But we’re the ‘irresponsible’ ones. Or maybe we’re just, you know, not letting a virus control our lives? Eh? Hm?

    Virologists who call for lockdowns are irresponsible if you ask me. Maybe they could fork over their pay checks then?

  • South Carolina Fan says:

    Just ignore them. I see Minnesota is locking down again. Time to move?

  • Paul Pelkola says:

    You only get flak when you are over the target, keep up the great work. Your data driven approach lays the truth out for all to see. Truth has been lacking in the State of Minnesota approach to informing the citizens. You are appreciated

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