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A Couple of Interesting CDC Studies

By October 28, 2020Commentary

The CDC can drop some interesting studies.  Here is one, on kind of an interesting and hot topic, do masks, in particular cloth masks, have an impact on CV-19 transmission.  (CDC Study)   In the current environment, especially coming from the CDC, no one is going to take the risk of saying there is no evidence to support slowing of transmission by cloth, or any, masks, in the community.  They do say they shouldn’t be mandated for health care workers.  They say individuals can use them in the community.  But they cite no evidence that in any manner supports the notion that they would work against CV-19.  You read between the lines and they are saying, if you can’t find a medical mask, wear a cloth one.  It is the usual kind of “well, they can’t hurt” attitude.  Actually maybe we should consider more carefully the notion that they could hurt.

The second one relates to mask wearing and other mitigation efforts by individuals, by age.  (CDC Report)   The report collected survey data from phone interviews on three behaviors:  mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing.  The data was collected from April through June from adults 18 or over.  By June 89% of people said they were wearing masks, so I don’t want to hear any BS about mask-wearing in the US isn’t high enough.  That is crap, it isn’t that they aren’t worn, it is that they don’t work.  The behaviors were highest among those over 60 (and a lot of good it did them since that is where the serious illness and deaths are concentrated) and lowest among those 29 and under (and what difference does it make since they don’t get seriously ill or die very often).   And here is a little tidbit that shows how confounded the variables are in any study of the effect of masks.  People who said they don’t wear masks all the time, were also more likely to not engage in other mitigation behaviors.  The basic thrust of the report is that we aren’t doing enough to brainwash young people into doing what they are told to do.

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  • Steve says:

    It is my belief t hat “masks” do more harm than good. I’ve told many of my friends that a mask is a breeding ground for ill health. The minute one is worn it is contaminated. Then the contaminated mask is worn iin a store. Next the mask is worn back tot he car where it is then hung on the mirror waiting to repeat the cycle at the next stop. The same mask is worn over and over again. Maybe some will choose to wear that same mask in the home and then boom the entire place is infected.

    The mandate is a joke. Some people wear a paper mask, some wear N95, come wear those useless and stupid pull up coverings from around the neck; just a mix of non-mask that will never work.

    They say wearing them can’t hurt. Well, I can tell you from personal experience they do hurt. I am 68 years old in good health. I’m semi-retired and in addition to my tech business I spend a couple days a week doing handyman work. During the handyman hours I am wearing a mask most times. The morning after I find that I have fever blister like eruptions on my lip, the roof of my mouth feels as if it was burned from too hot coffee and I have bowel disruption. After not wearing a mask for 2 days I am back to normal. This is not a one off event. I go through this each time I wear a mask at work. Now, I only do jobs where the customer doesn’t require it.

    Too many are to easily led. They will never do two things to me again- lockdown and mandate a mask in public.

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