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Pull-Forward Deaths

By October 27, 2020Commentary

I mentioned this in an earlier post, and again, I apologize for always referring to Sweden, but they are just exceptionally transparent with data.  Here you see that death pull-forward effect very clearly.  During the peak of the epidemic in that country, deaths spiked above normal trends.  Most of those deaths, as in Minnesota occurred among the frail elderly with not long to live.  Now CV-19 associated deaths are down dramatically in that country, and total deaths have gone below trend, reflecting that pull-forward of deaths.

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  • Rob says:

    If it happens in this country that deaths are below average after a while, a bureaucrat will insist on taking credit for it.

  • Christopher Foley says:

    “Pull forward” is a euphemism for something that basically “kills off” the exceptionally vulnerable. It’s a little short of “unplanned euthanasia”. Nonetheless, these are not measurable in the press. Did anyone notice that we had a record low temperature in Minnesota today? It’s a big secret based on what was broadcast on the weather shows.

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