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More on Those Cases Reported on October 16

By October 21, 2020Commentary

On Saturday I showed you what cases reported on a day really means, how the cases are typically distributed to the days in a week or so before the report.  Here is just a brief update, based on cases reported today, October 20.   The table format is a little changed just to show the progression.  The days covered in that report were October 7 to October 15.  You will see that we are close for one day, but we still don’t have a 2000 day case, much less a 2300 one.  And the answer to the question about how many cases will there be on October 15, the supposed day that results reported on October 16 were for?  Right now looks like it could be over 2000, need a few more days for it to be relatively complete.  And again, you can see here how misleading the way the state reports cases is.  How hard would it be to make the data clearer and stop scaring people with big numbers that are actually spread over multiple days.  It seems to take about a week’s worth of reporting before cases for a day are even 90% complete.

Date of CaseOct. 14 ReportOct. 16 ReportOct. 20 Report
Oct. 7162916321641
Oct. 9145715091527
Oct. 10705819836
Oct. 11423645694
Oct. 1261315411973
Oct. 13 1508401757
Oct. 14102401800
Oct. 15101531

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