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The IHME Predictions Are Atrocious

By October 16, 2020Commentary

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is a Bill Gates funded enterprise that has some of the widely followed epidemic models.  Their predictive capabilities have been laughable.  The latest effort has focused around how trillions of lives will be saved by mask wearing.  Their predictions of doom if everyone doesn’t have a mask welded to their face are already looking as worthless as their prior efforts.  Let us look in on Sweden, probably one of the lowest mask wearing rates in the world.  This screen shot shows their prediction for how deaths were going to shoot up in that country unless they all took to wearing masks.  They haven’t touched a mask, much less worn them.  Hmmm, doesn’t quite look like deaths are exploding.  Masks don’t make any difference and the IHME should be banned from modeling forever.

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  • Alex says:

    It’s both strange and despicable how they keep in this mask thing. They don’t relent. Sadly, they seem to have reach. It’s amazing the facts and evidence is on the defensive here. I’m not digging Gates and how much you wanna bet he doesn’t wear one?

  • Doug Young says:

    I think if it wasn’t for the local government push, we’d have hardly any masking. Here in San Francisco, there’s a “wear your mask” sign every 50 feet outdoors, yet, once a group sits down at a table for 8 in one of the now many sidewalk restaurants, even before the food comes, off come the masks. These people can’t really be that afraid of the Plague of the Century, they just want to follow the rules. Our job is to show them that the rules are preposterous, and that you can/should break them.

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