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When Will the I.B. Do a Roundtable for Lockdown and Terrorization “Victims”?

By October 8, 2020Commentary

Haven’t ranted for a while.  I skipped any commentary on a couple of Minnesota’s CV-19 briefings.  Monday, the commissioner returned and her first comment made my face turn red; apparently she came back and was amazed by the “stunning numbers” in the state.  I thought she must mean unemployment, or businesses closed, or increases in drug and alcohol abuse deaths or the at least 1500 non-CV-19 deaths above average.  But nooooo, she was referring to cases, etc.  The only thing stunning about that is that the mask mandate is making things worse.  I want to point out again what I noted yesterday–that the prevalence in the state on any given day is at most 1% of the population, or 56,000 people or so.  That is being generous I think.  The state is only reporting a current prevalence of .2% and they are testing the bejeezus out of the population.  I can’t imagine they are missing too many people at this point.  Hardly stunning.

In referring to the hospitalization numbers the Commissioner referred to people being “ill enough to require hospitalization.”  I just want to note, and the state again has this information, that a significant number of people being counted in the hospitalization numbers were actually hospitalized for another reason and happen to have CV-19 or had it diagnosed upon being tested at admission or acquired it in the hospital.  So give us those numbers, because the one piece of research we have, from Scotland, found that only a fraction of admissions were actually for CV-19.  And hospitals have every incentive to get people admitted for CV-19 and diagnosed with it, since they get paid more, and it appears that hospital labs use the highest cycle numbers to facilitate that process.

A question was asked about the increase in cases in some rural areas and was it due to skepticism about mask mandates and social distancing.  Gibberish answer.  One thing that is true for sure is that prevalence out-state is lower than in the metro, so false positives are higher.  There is massive resentment out-state at the one-size fits all approach and it probably does prompt a bit of civil disobedience, but if you aren’t rioting, apparently that isn’t okay.

And the director of infectious disease still doesn’t understand incubation and infectiousness.  If you have no symptoms and test negative five days after your putative exposure you are not going to get sick and you are not going to be infectious.  She hasn’t even kept up with the data and science leading the WHO and CDC to drop quarantine requirements to ten days.  Oh, and by the way, not one case stemming from the political rally in Duluth or other associated events.

The Incompetent Blowhard pre-empted the usual briefing on Wednesday for a “roundtable” of people affected by CV-19, “victims”, “survivors” and “long-haulers”.  All undoubtedly stalwart members of the I.B.’s party.  This is a disgraceful and shameless attempt to influence policy by emotional appeals, liberally salted with mis-information and outright lies.  No level is too low for the Blowhard to stoop.  The participants in this charade should be ashamed of themselves and hopefully someday they will be, when they consider that they are aiding in perpetuating policies which have wreaked tremendous damage on Minnesotans.

He displayed his usual tactics of fear-mongering.  He blamed the “virus” for his actions–no, these were your decisions that you made and not everyone everywhere made the same decisions.  He said Wisconsin had “8000 cases today” because they didn’t do what he has done.  Wisconsin hasn’t come close to that many new cases on any day.  His typical misinformation gambit.  He said we need stimulus money to help the state and people, but we only need that because he has precluded normal economic activity.

Where is the roundtable for the real victims of this epidemic–the people who have been devastated by the I.B.’s irrational and unbalanced actions and his campaign of terror.  Where is the roundtable for the hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans who lost jobs?   For the thousands of small business owners whose dreams have been destroyed?  For the health care system which has seen a significant diminishment of capacity and resources?  For the children who have been made fearful, anxious and depressed; and who have been deprived of a normal social and education life, which will have life-long effects for them?  For the minorities and low-income people who are disproportionately impacted by these actions, and who get only lip service about their plight, but spewing words are the only thing the Blowhard is good at?  For the increased victims of child and domestic abuse?  For the increased victims of alcohol and drug abuse and accompanying deaths?  For the isolation and loneliness imposed on our elderly citizens near the end of their lives?  Most importantly, for the over 1500 deaths above average which have occurred among Minnesotans, not due to the virus, but due to the Blowhard’s actions?

No, there will be no acknowledgement of these victims, much less a roundtable.  Because in the Incompetent Blowhard’s world, all that matters is people who may have CV-19.  No one else counts.  Actions speak louder than even the tsunami of words emanating from the Blowhard, and those actions tell us one thing and one thing only–he doesn’t care.  He only manipulates and messages.  He is desperate to justify his actions, and these maudlin events are apparently the best he can come up with.  I am sickened.

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