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Updated College Stats

By October 6, 2020Commentary

See the table below, courtesy Andrew Bostum, updates cases of CV-19 among university students.  Please note an absurdly low 3 hospitalizations out of almost 70,000 cases, well, positive test results.  And meanwhile we are depriving most of these students of an actual college education experience or social experience.  Let our students go–to normal, in-person college.

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  • Bob Easton says:

    Imagine if we had the same statistics for K-12 schools! … and Mayor Big Bird is CLOSING K-12 schools in 9 NYC zip codes because of “hot spots” in case loads. No data on what sort of people are involved in the “hot spots,” but gotta do something!

  • Bob Easton says:

    Update on Penn State. The stats you show mention 2426 cases, 0 hospitalizations, 0 deaths.
    That MUST because they are doing a good job of policing the unruly students. See an article on Legal Insurrection titled: “Penn State Has Punished Over 1,200 Students for Coronavirus Violations Since August” …

  • Ganderson says:

    Same here at UMASS- freaking out over “cases”. Amherst College has “bubble-ized” their campus- those students (about half, I believe) who are on campus are not supposed to leave, and none of us grotty outsiders are allowed on the college grounds (where I used to walk my dog- not any more) No sports, of course.
    Our local newspaper has the UMASS chancellor (he runs the Amherst campus) with the vapors about the the rise in “cases”- no member of the press thought to ask why the increase in “cases” is such a bad thing. He even mentioned that the “surge” is because of increased testing, but can’t draw the proper conclusion.And he’s senior officer of a BSU. I see no sign of the panic diminishing. As I’ve mentioned before, the press has done a sensational job of scaring the bejesus out of people. All the pointing out by you, Kevin; John Hinderaker, Howie Carr, various websites, is having ZERO effect, at least in the blue states. Depressing. Off to Nisswa today to see the state of Corona Panic in Crow Wing County. Maybe I’ll drive down Summit Avenue on my way up north from the airport to give Governor T-Bone a maskless raspberry!

    Oh, and I passed a guy in a Prius, by himself. wearing a mask, going 20 mph under the speed limit. If not for the UMASS hockey I’d be gone yesterday. Stupid reason to hang on, I know…

  • Sonya Anderson says:

    Are there any statistics which show number of deaths for people over 70 who aren’t in nursing homes or assisted living Separate from those in nursing homes and assisted living? Or is the over 80% of deaths in Minnesota only referring to people over 70 in nursing homes and assisted living?

  • Ganderson says:

    I also wonder- what’s the sickness/death rate for health care workers? Grocery store workers? One would think, if the Corona Chan is as bad as they say, lots of those folks would be sick. Don’t think that s the case, though.

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