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We Should Be Really Worried About All Those University Student Cases

By September 28, 2020Commentary

Here is a summary from someone who is tracking this and putting on Twitter.  Lot of cases, we think, depending on testing accuracy.  Almost no serious cases, two hospitalizations, not clear if due to CV-19.  Keep the students on campus, let them do what they want, there will lots of meaningless infections and limited opportunity for spread beyond the campus.

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  • Doug Young says:

    They’re testing my kid and his classmates twice a week at Brown, but they haven’t had large numbers of positives. Who knows, maybe they’re using at 35 cycle threshold (CT) or lower. I’ve sent a couple of emails to the president pointing out the problems w/the CT on many of these kits, and at least she responded (w/a “local guidelines, CDC, etc..”), but maybe they secretively understand. They do have a couple of realists on the faculty, including Andrew Bostom.

  • Ricard says:

    Today’s colleges are so worthless they can’t even teach a kid to respond to Covid properly.

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