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The CDC Takes an Early Look at Return to School

By September 28, 2020Commentary

In the CV-19 briefing today, Chris did the usual guilting, which is really getting old.  They got pressed on the clear over-reaction  to the Eitzen incident.  Huff got in a huff and said the staff had been traumatized.  What a load.  Then we learn that they had not told these locations ahead of time that the surveyors would be in town.  Chris claims that we are still seeing Labor Day weekend effect.  That is a lie, completely inconsistent with the known incubation period.  They are very proud of their excessive testing that is turning up false and low positives.  People are trying to get the state to say they will go after the presidential campaigns or a certain presidential campaign for not following guidelines.  More nonsense about sources of spread without giving us any data, not one piece of actual data on age to age transmission.  Pathetic.

And so is the approach to schools.  The CDC issued an early paper on what has happened with children returning to school.  The answer is what the research would tell you to expect, not much.  (CDC Report)   The study runs through September 19.  Children were divided into groups of age 5 to 11 and 12 to 17.  Incidence was about twice as high in the older group compared to the younger one.  Despite ludicrously high testing rates, the CDC was not able to identify any increase in incidence since a large number of children returned to in-person schooling in August.  In fact, incidence appears down since school started compared to spring and summer.  The CDC as usual tries to create some fear, but the data simply doesn’t support it.  Keeping kids out of real school is criminal behavior and should be treated as such.  It causes lasting, irreversible damage.  Those responsible should be severely punished.

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  • Steve says:

    Blah, blah, blah why do we listen or care what CDC and Fauci have to say. They are responsible for the state of our world today. President Trumps biggest political mistake is installing Fauci as the expert and deferring too much power to him. He successfully, Fauci, extended this nightmare and created the illusion that ‘cases” equal hospital care of death. Once this was cemented in people’s minds there is no way to get their attention

    A family member won’t visit in our home. My simple question. Who will give the all clear and when do you think you can resume life as normal. The answer….quiet. I’m really done with this. This China virus thing is now about power, money and politics. They are trying to lead us off a cliff.

  • John Liljegren says:


    Are you sure “Keeping kids out of real school is criminal behavior and should be treated as such”?

    Even though I drive a school bus in a public district, and was for many years working for and with charter schools in Oregon, I’m with Glenn Reynolds that sending your kids to public school is parental malpractice [not sure what I will do when my grandsons, now 3 and 1, reach that age and their parents send them to Portland schools; I have considered kidnapping]. Maybe the “collective” will be better off if no one goes to school. Just a thought. 🙂

    Check out this—
    What Republicans Have To Do To Get Critical Race Theory Out Of Public Schools, Joy Pullmann
    By Joy Pullmann
    SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

    Entire states like Oregon, California, and New Jersey now legally mandate racist and anti-American curricula in social studies and other domains.

    Oregon, for example, tells social studies teachers to undermine “Eurocentrist narratives” as part of the state’s newly mandated “ethnic studies” curricula in social studies. Teachers are now required to apply race and ethnicity tests to what they teach in social studies, to “decenter whiteness” and “center the experiences and perspectives of people of color.”


  • Ganderson says:

    John L-there is much truth in what you are saying, but there are still many good teachers and schools out there. And, kids go to school to, for lack of a better term, socialize, an important part of life, especially today!

    Here in College Town New England the local school committee is talking about how the uptick in “cases” at the local BSU may delay the return to regular school. As always, no one is sick, no one is dying, but CASES! VACCINE! Pathetic. I retired from public school teaching just in time.

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