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Picturing Transmission

By September 28, 2020Commentary

Here is a nice screen shot from Dr. Ian Mackay off Twitter that does a good job of illustrating what we think we know about CV-19 and droplets of all sizes and possible transmission, with a comparison to some other viruses.

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  • Gary Boyd says:


    What bothers me about this graphic is that it perpetuates what by now are likely non-factors. By including foamites the now discredited mania for sanitizing everything is continued. The droplet formulation is of minor import and seems to be another attempt to justify masking pornography.

    Trying to paint coronavirus as having differing transmission mechanisms than other ILI and other viruses is disingenuous; we know how viruses – to a greater or lesser extent – transmit.

    It still needs to come back to the minuscule fatality numbers.

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