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Drowning in Coronavirus Research, Part 97

By September 24, 2020Commentary

I spoke too soon about the change in hospitalization data.  While we now have admissions for a day, we don’t have daily census so we can’t calculate discharges, so in some ways we are worse off.  I have no idea what is going on with data presentation by the state.

Another study, Dr. Fauci, finding cross-reactive immune response, almost certainly due to prior seasonal coronavirus infection.  (Medrxiv Paper)   So once again, I ask, what is wrong with the so-called experts, because the authors note that the existence of cross-reactive immune response is common to other viruses like influenza and flaviviruses.  The researchers compared antibody and B cell responses from CV-19 patients and pre-epidemic patients.  Please note that this study looked solely at the response to the spike protein, but other studies have shown higher similarity, and therefore likely greater cross-reactivity, to other parts of the CV-19 sequence.  Looking first at 36 CV-19 patients they found strong antibody reaction to the spike protein, and also reactivity to the original SARs virus and a lesser reactivity to MERS.  There was also strong reaction to the spike area of most of the seasonal coronaviruses.  In a healthy, pre-pandemic donor population of 36 persons, they found minimal reactivity to SARS 1 or 2 or MERS, but strong reactions to the seasonal coronaviruses.  But they also found that in the CV-19 patients the antibody response was most consistent with B cell recall of prior seasonal CV infection.  The authors conclude that many patients likely have an antibody response that is prompted or enhanced by memory B cells from prior CV infections.  Once again we find a likely explanation for resistance to infection and more serious illness that affects both individual course of infection and the overall shape of the epidemic.

A good article on lockdowns, schools, population immunity and masks.  (CJ Article)

For those who think that virtual schooling is anything but a farce, the Tennessee Education Commissioner was a breath of fresh air and common sense.  She warned that both reading and math proficiency, which are already shockingly low, will fall dramatically unless in-person school is resumed.  (Tenn. Story)

A former chief science officer for a major drug company (now there’s a group with an incentive to keep the panic alive) says that there is no second wave, the epidemic is basically over and the appearance of cases is manufactured by false positive PCR tests.  Must have already cashed all his stock options in to be telling truth to power.  (CSO Story)

And in the this can’t be right category, a study from China reports an antibody prevalence below 1% in Bejing.  After yesterday’s study from Tokyo, there is no way that Bejing, although it did have a harsh lockdown, had only that rate of infections.  Could be use of a less sensitive assay, but most likely explanation is a government manufactured result.  (Medrxiv Paper)

If you think there isn’t enormous pressure to suppress viewpoints and evidence which isn’t consistent with government actions, you are wrong.  This article, which I linked to some weeks ago, has disappeared from the web, replaced with a statement that it was taken down because it doesn’t fit with the “current climate”, whatever that means.  I don’t know how accurate the whole article was, but it was written by a dentist with extensive experience in infectious disease control and was obviously written well before this epidemic.  (Mask Study) Fortunately there are people who know how to keep things from being disappeared for good.


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  • SteveD says:

    ‘Another study, Dr. Fauci, finding cross-reactive immune response, almost certainly due to prior seasonal coronavirus infection.’

    I don’t know if you saw it but Dr. Atlas pointed this out at the latest White House coronavirus presser.

  • SteveD says:

    ‘authors note that the existence of cross-reactive immune response is common to other viruses like influenza and flaviviruses.’

    Not only that but the data from the Diamond Princess which you covered earlier (and other early examples of isolated concentrated populations from South Korea) is direct evidence that even under ideal circumstances the virus only infects a limited percentage of the population and kills mainly the elderly. All of this we knew by mid-March.

    I looked at that data pretty carefully back then because I was concerned enough to estimate the danger to myself and my family.

    I don’t buy the excuse that the lockdowns were necessary at first because we didn’t know how deadly the virus was. Anyone paying attention had a very good idea, right from the start.

  • Ellen says:

    If parents get involved in their kids’ education, math scores and everything else might get better. Less time spent on the psycho-social engineering stuff. We home schooled six kids with mixed results. Getting time to socialize is huge and that is done through coops and now “pods.” Public schools are “owned” by teacher unions who apparently finance the election campaigns of their people. Why else do we have a girl being told she can use the boys’ locker room and the male teacher gets in trouble for not going in the “check on her”? Then there is the local public school technical school that told a man in his 40s to use the ladies’ restroom since it was too dangerous for him to use the men’s restroom at that point in his transition. When on of our daughters called to say a man was using the ladies’ restroom, I called to ask what was gong on. They explained there was nothing to be done about it. (Girls are not allowed to have sensibilities, apparently.) Later when a non-teacher-union school board member contacted the school, the CEO said he knew nothing about it.

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