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Excess Deaths in Minnesota, Version 2

By September 22, 2020Commentary

I took a look again at the CDC report on excess deaths by cause of death.  The CDC compares the number of deaths for certain common causes with the average for the prior five years.  The chart below is taken directly from the dashboard where you can get this data by state.  Add it up, a lot of deaths.  No CV-19 involvement, these are “lockdown” deaths.  And the categories are exactly where you would expect to see more deaths because people are avoiding care.  In the end, there will more of these than CV-19 deaths.

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  • Chris Foley MD says:

    No mention of suicide or overdoses. Now why would that be?

  • Recall Walz says:

    If only government actions had to meet the same standard as medical interventions… safety FIRST, then efficacy…there would be a lot less government action, and a lot less damage.

  • Doug Young says:

    Yep, if you add excess suicides, overdose deaths, domestic violence deaths (“deaths of despair”), the total would come very close to the total CV-19 deaths reported for the state already. Extrapolate this for the entire country (may be able to do the real calculation from this source), and we’ll have ~ 200,000 excess non-CV-19 deaths, which is pretty close to the excess total Team Hysteria is pushing as a reason to keep fearing the virus.

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