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Drowning in Coronavirus Research, Part 96

By September 22, 2020Commentary

As the epidemic in the US wanes, the media hysteria waxes.  First it was the Upper Midwest case surge freakout, but that isn’t supported by anything.  Then it is a general case surge freakout, but that also isn’t panning out, it is solely testing that finds very minimal amounts of true cases with any seriousness.  Now it is college students, which really isn’t going to work out.  So far, with a lot of kids back in school, many cases but nothing alarming at all.  Two hospitalizations, maybe.  See this article for details.  (College Article)   Now gnashing of teeth and wailing about 200,000 dead.  So that is a totally BS number, which I have become more convinced of after looking at Minnesota’s death certificates.  In a relatively small fraction of cases was CV-19 even a major contributing cause.  These are by and large very sick, frail people.  To say CV-19 killed them is ridiculous.  We are calling suicides and homicides and accidents where the person just happened to test positive CV-19 deaths.  And a very large number of the deaths being reported now are from weeks ago.  I encourage you to go look at the twitter feed of The Ethical Skeptic, lot of very good data and charts on the nature of the deaths reported.  So we have clearly entered a time where, largely for political reasons, the media is trying to keep the fear high; and children are paying the price for that, by not getting a good education.  At some point there has to be a reckoning.

You will recall that a couple of weeks ago I did a summary of a paper finding that herd mentality, not any actual need based on a country’s situation, was responsible for lockdowns.  Here is a second paper making the same finding.  (SSRN Paper)   I can only see and link to the abstract.

This study examined the effect of sharing a household with children on likelihood of CV-19 infection.  (Medrxiv Paper)  The authors looked at over 300,000 Scottish health care workers and their households.  Workers who lived in a household with children were less likely to become infected, and the more children, the lower the likelihood.  It also appeared to be associated with a lower risk for serious disease.  I would strongly suspect that the reason is stronger general immune systems and specific cross-reactive immune response to all the infections, including seasonal coroanvirus, that children bring into a home.

This editorial in the very prestigious medical publication the British Medical Journal excoriates the testing program planned for Britain.  (BMJ Article)    The authors say that the program, known as Operation Moonshot, is not based on scientific principles and will do more harm than good.  The basic rationale is the weakness of PCR testing and its propensity to deliver low and false positives which don’t tell us anything about infectiousness.    Sounds like it should be called Operation Loonshot.

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  • Ellen says:

    Preparing us to blame 5G illnesses on COVID?

  • Harley says:

    20,000 flags displayed on the Washington Mall, one for every 10 deaths.
    A visual aid to understand the severity of the pandemic.

    Hat tip to the PR and marketing folks at Covid-19 Hysteria, Inc., they’re doing a great job! Very creative. Maybe they can extend the theme into a Macy’s Thanksgiving parade balloon.

  • Ellen says:

    Don’t stop being a truth-bearer, Harley!

  • Chris Foley MD says:

    In fact, Ellen, the two are nefariously connected as both will be “illnesses” imposed by the State.

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