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Another Interesting Comparison, LA versus Sweden

By September 22, 2020Commentary

More of the same, Los Angeles–all kinds of suppression efforts, this is the city whose buffoon mayor told citizens to suspect everyone of infecting them and not let their children play with friends.  Sweden, not much of anything.  The chart is population adjusted.  You can see how much difference all those words and actions made in the epidemic course for LA compared to Sweden with very few government restrictions of any kind.  Thanks to Ian Miller.

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  • Ganderson says:

    While watching at the gym today I noticed CNN was screaming headlines about surges nationwide. And they were beside themselves with glee about the crossing of the 200 k barrier; not to mention some ridiculous number of daily Corona deaths cited. WSJ is all in on panic this week- “Herd Immunity a Long Way Off”. Are they lying, stupid, or both?

    BTW the gym is the only place I see CNN.

  • Alex says:

    Soon, the map of Europe will be redrawn without Sweden on it. It will just show the Baltic sea where Sweden was.

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