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Midwest Cases Are “Soaring” Says the NYTimes. Really?

By September 15, 2020Commentary

Thanks again to Twitter, here are two charts from the Covid Tracking Project of the “Midwest” states.  You can see for yourself what a terrible surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths is occurring.  Some people, including those in the media and many politicians and public officials, are determined to maintain a state of fear and panic.  It doesn’t exist.  Test more, use bullshit “positive” thresholds, and you will find more “cases”.  If they don’t result in high rates of serious illness, why are we still treating this like an emergency and restricting peoples’ lives.  This continued disgraceful lying and fear-mongering needs to stop.

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  • Ganderson says:

    I just went back and read your post from August 4. Six weeks later we’re still in the grip of panic. We’ve lost our collective minds, and, at least from my perch here in Massachusetts there is no sign of the madness letting up. I’m going to a (severely restricted in numbers) wedding in St. Paul this weekend. Funny, I’ll be going to a more sane state. Too bad they couldn’t move the venue to Sioux Falls, or at least Hudson!

  • I’ve come to the opinion that we really really really need this kind of tracking and reporting for every ailment, from serious/terminal diseases down to the most common cold. Then, we’ll become accustomed to a permanent state of lockdown for any variety of medical emergency reasons. The result will be either (1) a full blown revolt by anyone with two neurons to rub together, or (2) absolutely total employment, filling the needs for all the contact tracers and mandate enforcers.

  • Actionman says:

    No symptoms, no disease. No disease, it’s not CoviD!

  • Harley says:

    Business turnaround consultants often say there is nothing really all that special or unique about what they do, that they simply make the decisions that managers couldn’t bring themselves to. While I whole-heartedly agree with the deep political monkey-business aspects of this “pandemic”, I also think we have a bunch of people in statehouses around the country who had no training or experience as managers, and who don’t understand that acknowledging a change in circumstances or direction or admitting a mistake is a regular occurence.

    Smart investment people also talk about the need to plan their exit from an investment before they make it. It’s like the Blowhard made an investment in these emergency orders, the investment has collapsed in value, he had no front-end plan for getting out, and he is now “breathing his own exhaust” with reasons to stay the course.

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