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Risk of Death from CV-19 and Age

By September 12, 2020Commentary

Another chart compiled from the CDC routine data, showing alleged CV-19 deaths by age, compared to all deaths for the age group.   Note that over 10,000 infants have died in the US so far this year.  They are dying far more frequently from causes other than CV-19, even under the CDC’s very broad “with CV” guidelines.  Look at the broader age band, 0 to 17, typical school age children and younger, 88 have died with CV-19, and from other data we know that every one of those likely has a serious underlying illness.  18,543 have died of other causes.  What is the bigger risk to these children–CV-19 or many other causes.  Also note that 80% of all CV-19 deaths have occurred to people 65 and over.

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  • James Sherman says:

    Good report, thank you. I notice you identify deaths with covid rather than from covid. Comorbidity could have a profound effect on those percentages. It appears that the deck has been stacked to exacerbate the actual fatalities solely attributed to the covid flu. I hope this comes to light and steps are taken to correct this fallacy in the future. Schemes like this have done severe harm to our country, the planet and it’s people. The temporary vaccines will keep the death rate going long into the future I fear.
    Vaccinating anyone under 34 years of age should also be prohibited immediately. Natural immunity would be better. Dump the masks. They are quite worthless given the size of the alleged virus particle.
    I also think the medical community has done humanity a great dis-service by not using established drugs to combat the infection. They appear to have been bought off. In my case, my ‘doctor’, a heart specialist who has been treating me for 7 years for afib refused to provide a waiver for me to avoid the vax. It is my understanding that the vax can induce myocarditis which would worsen my condition. That was and will be my last visit to that poser.

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