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More on the Kansas Mask Lies

By August 22, 2020Commentary

Wish we had a paper this vigilant and skeptical in Minnesota.  The Kansas Sentinel has unmasked more of the pretty bold lies that the Kansas health department tried to tell about the case trends in counties with and without a mask mandate.  (Sentinel Story)   I have reproduced the full chart below.  The Department had cherry-picked the start date for their chart and changed an axis to make it look like the mask mandate was reducing cases.  You can see below it has done no such thing.  I don’t know if you can draw any conclusions from the chart, which supports my belief that masks simply don’t matter.  What this really shows is the devious lengths some public officials will go to to betray their fiduciary duty of honesty and transparency to the citizenry.

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  • SteveD says:

    I’ve read some literature about this. More interesting than the fact that masks don’t matter is why they don’t matter. They appear to work in vitro (in laboratory tests) but in the few in situ experiments (with flu virus) which have been performed in real world situations or observational studies, very small and not statistically significant reductions in infections are observed. This suggests that the real world effect masks is small at best.

    I have to think that either human physiology or behavior is responsible for the difference; the same reason that convertibles are safer than sedans in the real world but not on paper.

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