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The Epidemic Was Front-loaded Everywhere

By August 15, 2020Commentary

This is a cool chart, courtesy of a Twitter user.  Kind of a mirror image look.  Shows what is going on in Spain, which like several European countries has seen cases rising again.  Deaths on the bottom, notice that while cases have surged somewhat, deaths haven’t budged.   Sort of like Minnesota and other places in the US.  More testing, partly, better treatment, partly, but mostly the virus found the most vulnerable first, everywhere.  There just aren’t as many of those people left to infect.  It did not randomly sample.  What is scary about this chart is not the case outcomes, but clearly this virus is not, not, not going away.  We will need to adapt to it.

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  • Christopher Foley says:

    Anyone with even a modicum of understanding regarding statistics, epidemiology, or infectious diseases would admit that this tells a far different story from that which is being promoted by our Minnesota Department of Health as well as others. While ridiculing the concept of “herd immunity”, it is taking place right before everyone’s eyes.

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