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The Axis of Evil, Updated

By August 13, 2020Commentary

I know I can get carried away at times and I may have last nite, but it is hard for me to overstate how strongly I feel about what has happened to the most vulnerable segments of our population–low income households, minorities, people with health issues–as a result of irrational responses to the epidemic.  These people are voiceless and their lives are being trampled.

The blithe manner in which issues like people missing health care or people having their jobs and businesses taken away from them are dealt with in this editorial is typical of the clueless attitude elites have toward the lives of lower-income and minority citizens.  People like Slavitt and Osterholm and Kashkari have no idea what these people’s daily lives are like; have no idea of the continual stress and anxiety they face, even in good times.  I literally think it would be appropriate to force them to give up all their assets and income and take their families and go live like a low-income person in these circumstances.  Maybe it would help them develop a little empathy.

And passing over people dying because they don’t get cancer treatment or don’t go to an emergency room with heart attack symptoms, or children who don’t get vaccinated, the ongoing rise in overdoses and child and domestic abuse, with a meaningless “we know there may be health issues but doctors have figured out to deal with them”, is just unfathomable.  It betrays the depth of ignorance of what is actually happening among these so-called experts, a failure to keep up with research and data, and it reflects an unwillingness to accept that obsessing about limiting the epidemic has very real health impacts.

So I am sorry in one way for foaming at the mouth about these horrifying proposals, but the complete lack of recognition of the harms and the complete absence of balance in considering how all of our citizens would be affected mandates that we all speak out strongly.  I have written an op-ed in response to the Osterholm/Kashkari piece, but I doubt the Star Tribune  will publish it, so I will post it here in full shortly.

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  • Harley says:

    Myron Frans, the Minnesota budget chief, has resigned to take a position at the University of Minnesota.

    When the CFO or equivalent resigns their position at a business, it is widely accepted in investment circles as an ominous sign, that their first-hand knowledge of significant financial distress coming to the enterprise has led them to decide it is a good time to get off the boat.

    Frans knows the economic damage the Dictator’s policies have inflicted on Minnesota businesses and workers, and knows the “clean-up” efforts will neither be enjoyable or completed quickly.

  • Patrick says:

    Kevin, your anger isn’t gratuitous. It is very well placed. Your anger is very well received. No apology necessary.
    Thanks for your contributions!

  • James Alt says:

    I enjoy reading your links to actual studies and results. Not just references to “experts say” or “science and data” without referencing any. You are just expressing your outrage that many of us feel. Please continue.

  • mike timmer says:

    I agree with Patrick, above. Righteous anger is appropriate and cathartic. I feel immense satisfaction in sharing your utter disgust with these so called eminences…Kashkari? really?! You are a yeoman to continue to provide us with the wide range of legitimate research that you do. And, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Joe Lampe says:

    Kashkari pretending to be an epidemiologist, and Osterholm pretending to be an economist. Absurdity of the week.

  • Mark says:

    Kevin, equally enraged citizen here from Ontario, Canada. Our government response has been just as irrational and mercurial as yours.

    My belief is that years of hiring and promoting mediocre, super-specialized ‘talent’ throughout the bureaucratic channels of government institutions is a major contributing factor behind these insane policy decisions. Western society has so thoroughly divorced itself from common sense and critical thinking that it has lost touch with reality.

    The more concerning crisis we all face is one in which fallacious experts and leaders rule over an uncritical and docile public.

    It is hard at times not to question what it means to be human – when you feel surrounded by alien beings. One cannot help but consider: Is Mankind truly rational?
    Well, as I look around me, I must surmise, “It seems not!”.

    Then again, I think, maybe it’s just me.


    Keep up the great work, Kevin.

  • M Goergen says:

    Great article. I am living proof that the “MN way” causes more harm than the virus. Because of the governor’s shutdown I had my salary slashed by 90% by my company (I support a family of 5) and I had to put off my annual physical this Spring. I wasn’t able to get in for it until this week (I was able to schedule it in June as “Dr.” Walz relaxed a few restrictions on non-emergency visits) and received a cancer diagnosis – I’m not yet 50! Not sure of time made a difference but it would have been great to start treatment five months earlier. Of course if all of this saves just one life… Anyway, please feel free to use me and my name (I’m a real person not a statistic) to make your arguments real and relatable if you think it’ll do some good. Perhaps find a few other real people who’ve overdosed, a wife who’s experienced domestic assault, and school kids who are suffering – especially those with special needs who are being neglected, and take our case to the public.

    • James Alt says:

      So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. My wife wasn’t able to get her semi-annual test because of the same stupid lockdown crap. Thing is, all she had to say was she wanted an abortion and to the front of the line she would have went. Can’t keep those from happening.

  • Chuck says:

    Please continue to be frothing at the mouth!!! We need your voice! LOUDLY!

  • Dan Waller says:

    I really appreciate all the insight you provide on such serious topics. I was really put off by Kamala and Joe’s remarks about COVID yesterday. Either they don’t have a plan to deal with the pandemic, or they have one and are keeping it a secret, and thereby killing tens of thousands of people for political power. I have blind spots so please help me identify any of them regarding their comments, or any other matter.

  • Doug Young says:

    We feel the same way out here in California Kevin. Unbelievable decisions based on slippery and incomplete data. At least on Monday, many of the hair salons statewide are defying orders and opening up indoors. I’m pretty sure most of the local police are on their side, as well, since they too have been in the crosshairs of these administrations. Here’s an article about it:

  • Tom Mahowald says:


    Please don’t take your foot off the pedal. The Kashkari/Osterholm piece in the NYT was one of the most over the top, crazy nonsense during the entire pandemic. You are the voice of many of us wanting a more rational and balanced approach.


  • Stephen Tabeling says:

    Twenty years of my career were spent working in healthcare. I worked my way from payroll clerk to executive and spent three years as a Senior Associated in a northeast healthcare consulting firm. Thereafter, I left the industry and developed and launched a small technology business. It is clear that in all walks of life there are three dangers, Experts, Money and Power. Experts are captivated by money and power and often show little concern for life outside their sphere of knowledge. And yet, these so called experts can bring an entire nation to its knees- oh wait, they have done it.

    Experts have scared the average person beyond belief That achievement ensures that any logic that follows will never be heard or won’t be heard until it is too late. In this lockdown the have destroyed businesses, families, faith, education nearly every aspect of normal life. And yet, when they are called to account for their fear mongering and inconsistent information they say the are only expert in their field and therefore fend off criticism about not seeing consequences related to their claims.

    We will learn in the end, and too late in my opinion, that this is one of the world’s greatest hoaxes. The numbers are phony and unaudited. There was NO way that Covid counts are valid. We are being rushed toward vaccine that is unnecessary except that this thing has become a political weapon. I for one have never taken a flu vaccine and will NOT be taking whatever concoction they derive.

    Back to money, power and experts. Why don’t they ever talk about wellness. With their recommendations they have made generations of people fat and unhealthy. They collude with politicians, drug companies, legislatures and insurance companies. They do not work for our best interest. The sooner people begin to say hell no I won’t do what you are compelling me to do the sooner we will all live longer, happier lives.

    Always, Always, Always follow the money.

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