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Norway Does a Mask-Wearing Review, Guess What the Result Was

By July 28, 2020Commentary

With the mask delusion in full force in the US, other countries have also been assessing the potential benefit of widespread community mask-wearing.  Use varies widely across the globe, and as we have shown, there is no apparent correlation between mask-wearing rates and cases or deaths.  The Government of Norway conducted an official review of the evidence in regard to the benefits, or harms, of community mask-wearing.   (Norway Study)   Everyone is looking at the same studies, so it isn’t surprising that they all come to the same conclusion.  Please note too that this review again doesn’t even bother to consider the pathetically inadequate research referenced by the Dictator to justify his mask mandate.  That kind of “study” is not actual research that supports anything.  The review concludes that while there may be some evidence of benefit from face masks, the evidence base is very limited and uncertain, any effect is likely to be small, and is limited to use of actual medical masks.  The review also finds that there are potential harms from face mask use and that with a low prevalence the number of people experience undesirable effects is likely higher than those who may benefit.  The agency concludes that general wearing of masks is not recommended.

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