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Something More to Reflect on in Regard to Masks

By July 20, 2020Commentary

As usual, there are a lot of people who simply don’t care about facts or evidence, they believe something is true so it must be.  The current mask hysteria is an example.  Here is a table of countries which have very high and very low mask usage.  And then there is a chart of cases in Japan, see the rise, notwithstanding very high mask use.  Then a chart of the Phillipines, same thing.  If masks were that effective at preventing transmission, how is this occurring?  Now look at the bottom of the mask use chart.  Australia, Finland and Norway have had basically nothing epidemics, how could that be if not wearing masks caused so much greater risk?  You look at that chart and the country experience with the epidemic and you can see there is no correlation.

Wear masks if you want to.  Don’t assume they will keep you from getting infected.  Be aware of the dangers of low oxygen levels and high CO2 levels that may be caused by masks.  And what do you think happens with whatever infectious agents are trapped in the mask?

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