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Drowning in Coronavirus Research, Part 39

By July 14, 2020Commentary

Well, it doesn’t matter to the teachers’ unions, but study after study demonstrates the complete safety in sending children, and teachers, back to school.  The latest is one from Germany.  (German Article)   The study tested over 2000 children and teachers at schools and found that less than 1% had been infected at any time. One author said that the study results show that rather than playing a part in transmission, children appear to act as a brake, reducing further infection.  The area where the study was conducted was the only one in Germany to fully reopen schools in Germany in May.  The authors also revealed that a number of children in households with an infected person do not themselves become infected.

Yet another piece of research that purports to find a large number of undetected cases, this time using Iceland as the test bed.  (NBER Paper)   The math is a little complicated, but basically they were trying to use positive case rates and other parameters in their analysis.  The authors determined that somewhere between 80% and 90% of infections had gone undetected, depending on the testing regimen in place.

Here is an interesting article that purports to identify certain psychosocial factors that may lead to increased susceptibility to respiratory illness.  (Study)  These include smoking, chronic psychological stress and not enough Vitamin C.  You will notice quickly that the lockdowns exacerbate factors increasing susceptibility and weaken those which seem to have a protective effect.

Finally, a non-coronavirus item.  If you want to understand how the traditional media, in particular newspapers and network news, has become so politicized and narrow-minded, and why there is such a hunger for more trustworthy sources of information, read this resignation letter from a member of the New York Times opinion staff.  The Times literally doesn’t do journalism anymore–has no interest in facts or logical analysis, so you have to assume everything they write is designed to advance some political or ideological agenda.  (Weiss Letter)


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  • Ellen says:

    The precious families in our neighborhood could start their own home schools with a neighborhood coop. (Someone brought a lost duck home, and I had to go around the block looking for a kid-family interested. Was a great way to get to meet the neighbors. And yes, found a home with a pond for the duck the kids decided to call “Speedy.”)

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