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Drowning in Coronavirus Research, Part 36

By July 10, 2020Commentary

Okay, I take back every bad thing I have said about Canadians or every lame joke I have made about the country (okay, maybe not everything, ehh).  Apparently they have a lot more sane people than the US does.  See this statement by a number of physicians, saying this idea of locking things down is crazy.  (Canada Statement)  The basic thrust, coated as it must be today with a frosting of equity and social justice, is that the country has to reopen completely.  Here is a statement so sane I don’t know what to thing about it, wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear politicians here say just this.

“Canadians have developed a fear of COVID-19. Going forward, they have to be supported in understanding their true level of risk, and learning how to deal with this disease, while getting on with their lives – back to work, back to school, and back to healthy lives and vibrant, active communities across this country.”  Understand their true level of risk, what, you mean no more scaring the hell out of people so they obey our every whim.  Look at all the recommendations in the statement, way too much common sense on things like schools, social distancing, masks.  I almost can’t stand it.  It is an embarrassment for the US and Minnesota to allow themselves to be so outdone in this manner by our neighbors to the north.

Here is a good analysis comparing Sweden to its neighboring countries in terms of all-cause mortality, which is an approach worth consideration if you think lockdowns also cause deaths.  (Scan. Article)  Sweden looks middle of the pack or better in this analysis.

This article looks at potential transmission from fomites, which are particles of virus which have condensed onto surfaces.  The authors reviews studies and concludes that most have little applicability to real life and that the likelihood of transmission from surfaces is pretty slim.  (Lancet Article)

This is both an interesting website with some good analysis and this piece on Florida has some good observations and useful data in terms of understanding the course of the epidemic.  (CV Plan Site)  The modeling looks a little more accurate than usual.


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