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A Message of Gratitude

By July 9, 2020Commentary

It is important to me to periodically take an opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who read the blog.  Obviously the coronavirus epidemic, and the governmental reactions to that epidemic, have been a shock to all of us and to our society.  Since it became apparent that this would be a serious public policy issue, I have been concerned about the quality of the data and research being used by politicians to make decisions, and about the lack of consideration of the effects of mitigation of spread measures, effects that should have been obvious, but seem to have been largely ignored.  We are now living with the effects of that misuse of data and research, and that failure to understand the devastating social and economic effects that would result from lockdowns.  I continue to try to provide people with as much information as I can gather on the impact and nature of the epidemic and the effects of the mitigation measures.  And I deeply appreciate anyone who reads and who shares the information.  The more people who have accurate, balanced perspectives, the more likely we are to end up with good public policy decisions.  I also appreciate the feedback and comments I get and I try to respond directly to all of them.   And don’t hesitate to let me know if I make a mistake, I am committed to getting the best quality information out possible and I am sure I do make mistakes.  Thank you again.

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  • Bob Easton says:

    “The more people who have accurate, balanced perspectives, the more likely we are to end up with good public policy decisions. ”

    BZZZZZZZZZZT!!! The tyrants who are setting public policy, don’t give one rat what you uncover. They’ve found a new source of unbounded authority and are not about to give it up until we take it away from them … The data you offer might persuade a few of us to action, or at least to ignoring whatever mandates we can.

    THANKS for your research!

  • Harley says:

    You do a great job assembling and discussing meaningful data and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I sometimes wonder how many tireless hours you spend each day going through materials and writing your posts.

    You are a bright shining light and are greatly admired!

  • Doug Young says:

    Thank you Kevin! I’ve been sharing much of your data and research with my friends and colleagues out here in California, and now some of them are participating in a recall drive of our own tyrannical governor Newsom ( which is gaining steam statewide, but will be an uphill battle, especially since large gatherings are still banned. Keep up the good work.

  • DuluthGuy says:

    You do a great job finding the data that the governor and many bureaucrats don’t want us to see. You efforts with this blog are very much appreciated.

  • Joel M Erickson says:

    I learned about your blog through PowerLine. I am grateful for all you do to access and interpret all the COVID numbers for Minnesota and beyond. Following the Governor’s ramblings has become increasingly frustrating, especially with the goalposts constantly shifting. I am sharing a number of your articles on Facebook as I know several people who don’t believe much of anything out of the Governor’s Office, but want to know what’s really going on in Minnesota. Thanks for all you do, Kevin.

  • John Liljegren says:

    I love your analysis and links way out here in Looney West, Oregon [I’m in a suburb of Portland]. I especially loved your description of Edina’s elected officials.
    Thanks so much for your work and insights.

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