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Dangerous Skipping of Health Care

By June 22, 2020Commentary

The Centers for Disease Control is confirming what should have been apparent to everyone.  The lockdowns and the absolutely hysterical frightening of people about coronavirus are keeping people from seeking care for life-threatening conditions.   (CDC Report)   The report looked at ER use before and after the lockdowns started, and focussed on three conditions:  heart attack, stroke and uncontrolled blood sugar.  Visits for heart attacks were down 23%, stroke 20% and blood sugar control issues, 10%.  These are not optional visits and they can’t possibly reflect lower need.  There have been fatalities related to this.  I believe that when everything is accurately tallied up the lockdowns will kill more Americans than coronavirus.

This was discussed at today’s Minnesota coronavirus briefing.  The infuriating thing is that as these public health officials are expressing concern about this very report and about continuing declines in vaccination, they are totally not taking any responsibility for how their actions caused this crisis.  It is the Dictator’s fault and these public health officials fault for both scaring the crap out of people, with absolutely no justification, and for failing to do any modeling, analysis or planning that would anticipate and try to prevent this from happening.  The Dictator needs to come out right now and tell people he was wrong about how dangerous this is and that should ignore all his prior fear-mongering and get the health care they need immediately.

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