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More Coronavirus Meanderings

By June 7, 2020Commentary

This article points out how little we know about the infectious agents that cause many of our minor illnesses.  It come from the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University.  (UK Article)   A large number of illnesses simply are due to unknown pathogens.

The New York Times discovers that the job-destroying lockdowns disproportionately affected low-income and minority workers.  (NYTimes Article)   The paper has also learned that closing schools may be hurting the education of low-income and minority students the most.  Well, duh.

When I wrote my “Tyranny of the Experts” posts, here is an example of why, and the tragedy is the destruction of trust in science, which is important.  These supposed public health experts have exposed themselves as completely political morons.  Read this idiotic letter saying it is really important to go out and protest against racism, but the same rules don’t apply to protests against extreme epidemic lockdowns.  Because of course the virus can tell one protest from the other.  These people are shameless hustlers who should never be listened to again on any topic.  Their brains are mush.   (Public Health Letter)

Another story summarizing the evidence for the view that many people have pre-existing immune defenses against this strain of coronavirus.  (CV Article)

And, though, we don’t really need it, here is more evidence that the Chinese under-reported, likely intentionally, cases and deaths from coronavirus.  (Medrxiv Paper)  The authors conclude that there must have been at least ten times the number of reported cases and deaths.  Of course this would drastically lower the case fatality rate used by the infamous Imperial College and other models.


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