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A Few Quick Coronavirus Hits

By May 15, 2020Commentary

First, let me share with you all the good news about how our completely unnecessary and panicked governmental reactions have devastated our economy. Industrial production dropped by the most in 100 years.  (ZH Story)  Capacity utilization is at the lowest level ever.  More good news?  Not from me.  Retail sales also dropped by the most ever.  (ZH Story)  Remember, consumer spending is over two-third of our economy.   Government tax revenues are plunging, which means they won’t have the resources to help all the people they forced to lose jobs.  (ZH Story)   Job losses continue to mount, over 35 million across the country at this point.  When I said this was economic suicide, this is exactly what I meant.  How could the morons who run our governments not have seen this coming?  Oh wait, they are morons.  What were we thinking.  And how do we ever work our way back from this.  It doesn’t matter what the consequences are, we have to reopen everything NOW.

And we keep saying that the non-economic harms are just as bad, what do you think happens when tens of millions of people suddenly lose their jobs.  Food insecurity is rapidly rising.  (ZH Story)   Every major organization is warning that literally hundreds of millions of people are at risk of starvation due to the global economic collapse.  Hey, Bill Gates, you pompous lock-us-all-down-forever proponent, those people can’t “un-die” either.  And it isn’t just in other countries, this paper explains how food insecurity is happening in the US already.  (Medrxiv Paper)  The paper details the rise in food insecurity in one state, Vermont, but the same thing is happening everywhere.

Okay, this virus is going to infect and kill everyone, right?  So explain to me how this paper suggests that there will be 250,000,000 cases in Africa and up to 150,000 deaths.  That sounds like a lot of deaths, but it is less than a .1% fatality rate, which is far, far lower than the models have been telling us there would be.  And this is in Africa, which has a much less effective health system and set of health resources.

Dr. Jay Battacharya is a medical doctor and an economist, working at Stanford University.  He is a rare voice of rationality and knowledge.  This story summarizes the youtube video also linked.   (JB Story)  (YT Video)   Here is another story explaining his perspective.  (JB Story)   He makes the points that the virus isn’t going away.  In that context, the lockdowns are pointless and they are causing enormous financial and non-financial harms.  He advocates more targeted interventions and the acceptance of a strategy that gets us to population immunity.   I cannot encourage you strongly enough to not only to read the stories but to view all the interviews with him found on YouTube.

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  • Harley says:

    The Battacharya interviews, all three of them, are very well done. And if I wasn’t made aware of them from this blog, I would have never seen them.

    The economic suicide forced on us by our politicians and bureaucrats is unforgiveable. Never again. And why MDH continues to come out with models that continue to arrive at silly conclusions is a continuing question. We would be safer, healthier, and happier if these “experts” had remained inside their office and away from those directing policy.

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