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More Data Showing the Bifurcated Impact of the Epidemic

By May 11, 2020Commentary

Straight from the CDC’s website we find the following information from their network to monitor information on hospitalizations from coronavirus disease.  These are hospitalizations per 100,000 people.  For ages 0 to 4, 2.4.  For ages 5-17, one, for ages 18 to 49, 26.2.  Now at the other end.  Ages 65 to 74, 118.6.  Ages 75 to 84, 194.2.   Ages 85 and over, 301.8.   So people over 85 have a 300 times greater likelihood of hospitalization for coronavirus disease than do those aged 5 to 17.  There are about 20 million children in that age 0 to 4 bucket.  So there have been a total of less than 500 hospitalizations across the country for this group.  There are around 53 million people aged 5 to 17, so 530 hospitalizations for this group.  There are around 6.5 million people over 85, so 19,565 hospitalizations in this group, which is one-eighth the size of the 5-17 age cohort.

You get the picture.  Very low risk on one end, very high risk on the other.

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