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The 90/10 Rule

By May 10, 2020Commentary

You often hear about the 80/20 rule, 80% of time one thing is true and the remaining 20% is something different.  This epidemic looks like it follows a 90/10 rule.  It appears that about 90% of all infections are asymptomatic or very mild.  In the remaining 10% of cases, it looks like maybe 10% of that group, or 1% of the population, require hospitalization.  And in that 1%, maybe 10% die, or one-tenth of a percent of the population.  But that is for the population as a whole.  If you took the non-frail elderly population, it would be more like the 99/1 rule.  Maybe one serious case out of a hundred people, maybe.  And maybe one-hundred of a percent deaths, maybe.  Just shows the extreme bifurcation of the disease.

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