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Another Saturday Nite and I Ain’t Got…..Nothing But Coronavirus

By May 10, 2020Commentary

How do you grasp just how horrifically we have damaged our economy, which means killed jobs.  Here is an article with graphs to help you do that.  (Job Graphs)   It isn’t just jobs lost, it is hours cut, wages cut, no jobs being added and every industry affected.  Please don’t be imagining that we bounce right back from this, not with so many Governors talking about keeping some shutdown in place almost indefinitely.

You have to judge people by what they do, not what they say.  The only lives politicians seem to care about are those that might end because of coronavirus.  Suicides, alcohol and drug deaths, child and domestic abuse deaths, deaths from failing to get needed health care, none of those people matter one bit.  But those losses are just as real, as this column reminds us.  (ZH Column)

And I think every country would have had to deal with the virus at one point or another, but China really screwed everyone, with the apparent cooperation of the World Health Organization, by not revealing what was happening sooner.  (ZH Story)

On those cheery notes, I leave you to your Saturday nite.  Tomorrow morning I will get up, thank my wife for being a great Mother to our children, thank my children for being great Mothers to their children, hug my grandchildren, the delights of my life, apologize to them for the way we have screwed this up for them, and, overcoming all the despair in my heart, I will keep fighting to try to change how we are approaching this situation.


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