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We Need a Leader Like This

By May 9, 2020Commentary

Around the country people are finally getting fed up with the misinformation and garbage handed to them by supposed leaders who made panicked and irrational decisions to shutdown economic and social activity for no good reason.  The common lies are that the politicians are “data driven” and listening to the “experts” and that the virus is so dangerous that they have to keep people safe.  What is dangerous is what we are doing to our jobs and our health system.  And there are a few brave leaders who are beginning to understand that they have to use their own brains and common sense to make good decisions that are best for all their citizens.  A county in Pennsylvania has such a leader, who penned a letter to the residents of the country saying they will re-open notwithstanding the Governor’s orders.  You can find the text here.  (Pa. Letter)   I particularly appreciate the Commissioner referring to these shutdown and stay-at-home orders as a “dictatorship”, because that is exactly what they are.  Across the country, here and there law enforcement personnel have refused to enforce the orders and some other local officials have defied them.  We need a lot more of that and we need citizens who are willing to do what they know is right, and open their businesses and go back to a normal life.

Our Governor loves to use the dumbest analogies.  He used the sandbagging against a flood one before, which made no sense, because what he was doing was telling everyone in the state to stay home because the Red River might be flooding.  Yesterday he said not wearing masks was like turning on your lights in Britain during the German bombing.  No, Governor, your shutdown orders are like telling everyone to turn out their lights when there is a child’s rubber-band powered wooden model plane overhead.

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