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We Are Living in a Dictatorship

By May 3, 2020Commentary

If you haven’t read the Governor of Minnesota’s executive orders, you should.  They probably aren’t that different from those in other states.  It is astounding to me that we live in a society where we permit for an extended, really indefinite period of time, one individual to dictate how all of us live our lives, down to the most minute detail.  The orders can be found here.  (Exec. Orders)   This is inexcusable and completely unacceptable in a supposedly free, democratic society.  We have a legislature that is a far more representative and deliberative body which should be the only place where these kinds of restrictions could be created.  The normal legislative process could easily be followed, given the length of time this has gone on.  And the courts should be actively looking for cases in which they can ensure that individual rights are being respected and the governments objectives are being carried out in the most limited, least burdensome manner possible.

And in Minnesota, this dictatorship is heightened by the creepy “One Minnesota” campaign that the Governor is running.  This reeks of exactly the kind of propaganda approach taken by every totalitarian regime.  The clear, clear, subtext, highlighted by the Governor in his public comments, is that if you don’t agree with his policies you are an enemy of the state.  He talks about how we are all in this together but we aren’t.  He has imposed enormous damage to a large subsegment of the population with no regard to the impact on their lives.  Not a single study or analysis has been released showing that he took those harms into consideration before or after the issuance of the orders.   And it is clear that he gets advice only from those who support his policies, he does not in any manner consider any other perspective.

The gathering evidence clearly indicates that it would be completely safe to open up Minnesota to normal economic and social activities, with some basic hygiene and social distancing measures and with stringent protection of vulnerable populations.  That would be a far better and less damaging approach than maintaining the dictatorial business shutdowns and stay-at-home orders.

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  • Why does MN Department of Health report a median age for COVID-19 hospitalized, hospitalized ICU, it’s meaningless. They need to give ranges and not ranges like 20-60.
    I’d like to see case reporting by zip code vs county it would give a citizen a better idea of how “safe” it is.

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