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By May 3, 2020Commentary

Australia sends kids back to school, you must read the deputy medical officer for Australia’s statement.  (Aus. Statement)  Based in large part on studies like those I summarized earlier today.  What is wrong with Minnesota and the rest of the US?

And here is another perspective on Sweden.  The rest of world is worried about second waves, and Sweden appears close to done.  (ZH Article)   Among other things, the article points out that some of the criticism about Sweden’s deaths are based on a misunderstanding about differences in reporting.  (Schools are also open in Sweden.)

Remember all the panic about ventilators?  Totally unwarranted, because it turned out they made most patients worse.  See this updated care guideline.  (EVMS CV Guideline)

Yet more sanity in this article.  (Spectator Article)   The author notes how irrationally paranoid so many people have become about being infected.  The actual risk of serious illness to almost everyone is very low, but people have been terrorized by politicians and “experts”.

And while I can’t find an English cite, a French hospital reported that upon testing samples from a person who died on pneumonia in December, coronavirus was found.  So the virus moved on from China long ago.

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