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A Few Headlines From the Local Paper

By May 1, 2020Commentary

Our local paper, the Star Tribune, typically on the front page and in the main news section, isn’t very challenging of the party line coming from the Governor.  But when you go to the local news section, right on the front page, are three headlines that tell the truth about what is happening in the state.  One is that a very prominent restaurant, owned by the sons of the prior Governor, is closing.  The owners just don’t see how it will survive in the current environment.  The next describes the layoff of nurses by our Children’s Hospital.  The decimation of our health care system is real, as is the avoidance of needed health care by a frightened population.   And the third talks about the massive loss of jobs, with a headline of “No job is safe”.   These headlines are a much more accurate reflection of the damage being done by our Governor’s stay-at-home and business shutdown orders.

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